Why is Digital Marketing Important in Our Life

Why is digital marketing important – Hello friends! Hope you guys are good. Welcome to Technokm. Today in this post you will know what is Digital Marketing and What is important in our life. Today’s era has been completely digitalised. Therefore we also have to be digitalised according to time.

Internet has made our daily life lot easier. You can enjoy any facilities from the Internet through mobile or laptop. Whether it is online shopping, Ticket Booking, Movie Ticket, Recharge, Online Transaction, Bill payment etc.

Why is Digital Marketing Important

Due to the interest of users towards the Internet, all businessmen are adopting Digital Marketing. However, digital marketing becomes important for a company or business. If you talk about marketing method, then about 75% shoppers do online research before buying anything or taking service.

Why is Digital Marketing Important

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also call online marketing. That is, selling or offering a product or service online. Internet is the main medium of Digital Makrting. With Digital marketing, we can connect through Internet, Computer, Mobile, Laptop, Apps, Website Ads.

Why is Digital Marketing Important

In 1980 an attempt to establish digital marketing but this is not possible. Its name and use began after the 1990s. Digital marketing means, to reach new customers and increase credibility from them. Digital marketing allows producers to monitor their customers’ activities and choices. Which side is the customer’s trend, what is the customer looking for? Everything is easily known through digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is important?

In this modern age, most people are spending their time on the Internet. Everyone is using social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). If you ask a friend to meet, he will agree, but the same thing will be done on WhatsApp chat day and night. This means that in today’s Internet era, no one has time.

In this modern era, no one wants to go to the shop, because they do not have time from social media. Whenever something has to be bought, it does it online. When someone sees a photo of a product on the Internet, they order it and it is easily deliver at home in a few days. The most advantage of shopping online is that if there is any deficiency in your product, then you can replace it within 7-15 days.

Through Digital Marketing, you can easily reach your product or service to customers in a short time. This way your business will be profitable. You can earn millions of rupees/dollar from your business through digital marketing

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What is the demand of Digital Marketing ?

Change is the law of nature, you will know this sentence. Earlier people spent much of their time on farming, television, radio. But in today’s era, everyone has shifted to social media. In this present age, the contribution of digital marketing has increase.

Digital marketing is currently in high demand. The producer is able to reach the customers easily by creating his product. This is giving a boost to the digital market.

First the customer saw the product, then like it and then bought it. This shopping method is gone now. Now the product is being made, going directly to the customer. Digital Marketing, merchants also do not have to resort to advertisement, banner, newspaper of their product.

Types of Digital Marketing

First of all, I want to tell you that the only medium of digital marketing is internet. You can do online marketing only if you have internet. Through the internet, you can increase traffic using different websites. Let us know how many types of Digital Marketing are there.

Why is Digital Marketing Important

1. Social Media

Friends, everyone has a smartphone today. Perhaps there will be someone who does not use social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You must have seen many of the company’s social media timeline showing their advertisements. They do digital marketing of their product or service through social media. Social media is the easiest and cheapest way of digital marketing.

2. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

If you have a website or blog, you can get your website or blog post ranked by Google at the top. In this way, traffic to your website or blog will increase, which will increase the number of viewers rapidly.

You can promote any of your products through this website through this traffic or viewers. This way your business will increase.

3. YouTube Channel

Through the YouTube channel, you can present your product to the people through video. This is absolutely free technology of Digital Marketing. People will also submit their feedback and suggestions on this technique. In this way you will find a deficiency in the design or quality of your product.

4. Email Marketing

You can send any of your products to customers through email. Email is an easy way of digital marketing. You can send the quality and design of your product through email. If the customer likes your product, he will buy it.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Commission. Under this marketing, you can earn money as commission by selling a company’s product. For Affiliate Marketing, first of all you have to join Affiliate Program. To do affiliate marketing of a company’s product, you can earn money from commissions by converting their online links into Affiliate Program links and selling them on social media.

6. Google Adwords

With Google Adwords, you can promote your product through online advertising. For this, you will have to pay some money to Google. Google will show your products in front of more people by advertising in less time. This way your products will be sold more and you will get profit in the business.

7. Apps Marketing

By developing your company’s app, you can do digital marketing of your product by advertising your products. In this way, you can earn more profit in your business. Everyone has a smartphone in today’s modern era. The customer will download your company’s App and buy your products online.

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Uses of Digital Marketing

You can use Digital Marketing to increase traffic to your website. Thus advertisements will be shown on your website, instead of which you can earn money online.

You can increase followers on your social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Why is digital marketing important – What is important?

Friends, I hope you will understand to know about why is digital marketing important and  Why it is important? If you have any question, then don’t forget to comment in the Comment Box.

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