7 [BEST] Whatsapp Secret Chatting You Should Try on 2022

Whatsapp Secret Chatting – We all like Whatsapp messaging service very much. In Whatsapp, we get free, cross-platform text, multimedia, voice messaging, and free voice and video calls. There will hardly be any feature of Whatsapp that we do not like. It is certain that you will be using Whatsapp in your phone for a long time, but you will not be well aware of all the features of Whatsapp. Here we are going to tell you about some such tips and tricks of Whatsapp Secret Chatting by which you can become a Whatsapp Expert.

Whatsapp Secret Chatting

Whatsapp Secret Chatting

1. Disappearing Messages of Whatsapp

Now a feature has come in Whatsapp, which is the messages of any chats disappear on their own. So if you turn on these settings for any chats, after that whenever you send a new message to it, it will be automatically deleted after 7 days. But if a person wants, you can take this message before 7 days or you can also share it with someone else.

To turn on this feature, first go to the chats of the person for whom you want to turn on this settings. And then tap on the name of that person or that group. Now a menu will open in front of you in which you have to go down to Scroll Down. Then you will see the option of “Disappearing messages” and tap on it to turn it on.

This means that after 7 days that message will disappear for everyone and Whatsapp Secret Chatting. But keep in mind that for Group Chats, you can activate this option only when you are the administrator of that group.

2. You can pin a Whatsapp Chat on top of the Chat Screen

This is a very helpful whatsapp secret chatting if you want your favorite chats to always be on top of your Whatsapp chat screen. Select the Chats you want to pin at the top of the screen. Then you will see the option for PIN above, tap on it and your chat will go on top of the screen.

Pinned Icon will appear in the chats, so that you will know that the chat has been pinned. To unpin that chat, you have to select that chat, then you will see the option of UnPin above. You can pin 3 Chats at a time Whatsapp Secret Chatting.

3. Customize Alert Tones for all Whatsapp Chats

You can keep different Alert Tones for all Whatsapp Chats Messages. This is very useful because from tones we will know who has done the message that has come in Whatsapp. This will mean that if you are busy, then you will open Whatsapp only when the necessary message arrives and you can see the message of some Groups which is not so much necessary later.

To set Custom Tone in Whatsapp Groups or Contacts for Whatsapp Secret Chatting, go to that person’s Chats and tap the name of that person or the group seen at the top of the screen. Scroll down and click on Custom Notifications. Then you can set a different Tone for that chats. Now with Alert Tones you will know who has messaged you. Then you can decide whether you want to reply to those chats now or later without opening Whatsapp.

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4. You can change the Text Format

Do you know that you can change the text of the message? It is very easy.

Using Star (*) before and after the text becomes Text Bold.

Text is cut from the middle using Tilde (~) before and after the text.

Using Underscore (_) before and after the text will change to Text Italic Format.

whatsapp chat |

Whatsapp Secret Chatting

5. Send messages to every contacts simultaneously

Here we are not talking about Group Conversation Whatsapp Secret Chatting. You can send the same message to different contacts simultaneously.

Click on the 3 Dots as seen above and then select New Broadcast. Then add the contacts and write the message that you want to write and send it. The message you have sent and its reply will be visible in everyone’s private chat. Your contacts will not have any idea that the message has gone to anyone.

6. Hide the Blue Tick from Seen

This is the most common problem that people have to face. Like you have just read someone’s message and you cannot reply to it now. So you can hide the Blue Tick near the sender with a trick and you can reply it when you want. For this, you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Untick Read Receipts.

7. Profile Picture Prank

This is an amazing feature that you might not know. You can make your friends stupid by changing their profile picture. But this is just a prank because there is no truth in changing the profile picture of others.

 Connect your phone with computer using USB cable.

 Go to Whatsapp> Profile Picture Folder

 Copy the name of your friend’s Profile Pic and delete the Profile Pic.

 Now make the size of the image to 561 x 561 pixel dimension.

 Make it scary or funny so that your friend gets scared.

 Now show him his profile pic in the phone. And now he will go on thinking.

We hope that you have come to know all about 7 best whatsapp secret chatting. If you want to ask us anything about this, then do comment and tell.

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