What is Visa and Passport with Difference?

What is Visa and Passport – When we are going to other country, then the 2 things we get to hear the most – that is PASSPORT and VISA. Passport is an important document to go outside your country. Every year the passport of every country is ranked based on the power of that country.

For example, in 2018 Indian Passport was at 66th position and Singapore citizens Passport was the most powerful Passport in the world.

In 2018 Indian passport holders could go to 25 countries without Visa, 41 countries give visa on arrival to Indian passport holders but in 132 countries Indians have to go with pre-arrival visa.

What is Visa and passport

What is Visa and passport

What is Passport?

Passport is a document that the national government issues to the residents of that country. Passport is a document of identity and is given the person’s name, date of birth, gender, address and place of birth. The purpose of Passport is to identify the Document Holder. For Indian, the navy blue ordinary passport is required to be renewed every 10 years.

What is Visa?

Visa is an official permission that is required by one country. So that they can allow the Passport Holder of another country to enter their country. Visa is a temporary authorization with which a Passport Holder can go to another country, except in the country of which that person has Passport.

Types of Passport

Government of India issues 3 types of Passport to all Indians:

1. Ordinary Passport

The color of the Ordinary Passport is Navy Blue and it is issued for ordinary travel or business trips.

2. Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passport cover color is Maroon. It is issues only for Indian diplomats, diplomatic couriers or top-ranking government officers.

3. Official Passport

The Gov. of India also issues white-cover passport for those who are representing the Gov. of India in an official business.

Types of Visa

Every country provides a basic type of Visa to its visitors, but the category of Visa may vary from country to country. This is the highest amount of Visa given.

1. Tourist Visa

A country gives Tourist Visa to a visitor when they go for a tour in that country.

2. Transit Visa

Transit Visa is given to a person who goes to visit a country but they do not have to stay there for long. The validity of Transit Visa is 5 days or less and this type of Visa is given when a person goes through another country to a third country.

3. Business Visa

Business Visa is given to a person who is going to work in another country.

4. Temporary Worker Visa

Temporary Worker Visa is given to those employees who have to work for some time in a foreign country.

5. Student Visa

Student Visa is given to those students who go to study in a foreign country.

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What is Visa and Passport Difference

What is the difference between Passport and Visa?

  • 1. Passport is the personal identification of any person, while Visa is an official permission, by which a person can go to another country and stay as long as the time of day Visa is.
  • 2. Passport can be in the form of a legal document, but Visa is affixed as a stamp in Passport.
  • 3. Passport is an important document by which people are identified when they go to foreign country and Passport is required even when that person comes back from a foreign country to their country. And on the other hand Visa is required to go to a foreign country and stay there.
  • 4. The government of the country in which we live issues a passport to us, and on the contrary, the foreign country we want to go to issues a visa to us.
  • 5. Every country has a special government department which issues Passport, in contrast, the embassy or consulate of any country has the right to issue Visa.
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