What is Email Address Domain and How to work

Email address domain is associate with a custom domain instead of an email service. To get your email address domain using your custom domain, you will have to register a domain, sign up for a web hosting plan in which email is given and then move your new domain to your host’s servers.

Email Address Domain what is it?

Some people get their work done by using Free Email Services, but there are many situations where your own email address domain name is very useful.

Email Address Domain

What is Domains and what does it have to do with Email?

A domain name is a set of unique characters that identifies a website. In many ways, a domain name has the same relationship with a website that a street address has with a house.

When you enter a domain name in a web browser, then the browser accesses a Domain Name Server (DNS), so that that website can be detected from the Internet, after which that website appears in front of you.

Domains are what we use to organize the Internet into something that we can navigate without having to remember long numbers of IP addresses. For example, when you visit this website, then you have to type technokm.com in your browser.

Email address domain uses the domain in the same way. Just as your web browser is redirected to this website from the technokm.com domain, the email address that is part of the domain redirects your email to the correct mail server.

If you look at an email address, then it is easy to see the domain there. For example, your email address is name@example.com. So the part to the right of the @ symbol is your domain, so in this case your email is Domain- example.com. And what is on the left is your account or username.

When you set up your own custom domain email, then you can select anything for account or username, but for domain you can use only the domain name that you have registered.

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What is Email Hosting Service?

Email hosting service is a kind of internet hosting service that gives access to email servers to anyone. Email hosting is given in most web hosting services, but it is very rare. And there are also many email hosting services that only provide email service and do not provide web hosting service.

Web Hosts that provide email hosting services, they do it in a very small amount. If there is a situation where web hosts do not provide any email service, then you can use one company to host your website and use another company to host the email.

How does a domain become an email address domain?

Every domain has the capability that it can become an email domain. But it is possible that it is not dependent on your web host. If you want to use your email with your domain, then it is important that the host you have selected has email support or not.

Set up the domain as an email domain like this:

1. Register a domain using your preferred registrar.

2. Sign up to a web hosting account which includes email hosting.

3. Using the Control Panel, take your domain to the Name Servers of your web host.

4. Change the mail exchange (MX) records of your web host account if needed. Most of the web hosts that provide the service of email services, they do this work themselves. But if you are using different hosts for your website and email, then you will have to do this work by yourself.

How does Domain Email work?

An email address that uses your custom domain works the same way as an email address. Your friends and business contacts can send you an email to your domain email address, just like any other email address, and you can use your domain email address to send email to others in the same way you would.

The difference between Domain Email and any other email is how you access, read and send messages to someone. Means just the way of accessing, reading and sending messages is different. Most email hosting services allow you to use any email program, such as your Android device’s email app, your iPhone’s email app, or webmail interface, etc.

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