What is 5G Technology and How It Works

5G Technology – 5G is a cellular network like the previous 4G. Here the service is divide into smaller geographical areas. Which is call ‘cell’. Mobiles are connect to the Internet and telephone networks by wireless waves. The main advantage of ‘5G’ is that its bandwidth is much higher than ‘4G’.

5G Technology

As a result, the download speed is much higher. Even this download speed can reach up to 10 gigabytes per second. Which can be compare to cable broadband. Not only mobile, but also laptops and desktops can be connect to the mobile network. Laptops, desktops can be integrate into each other. However, most of the current mobile 5G Technology is not suitable for use.

How It Works 5G Technology

High-frequency radio waves have to be use in the 5G Technology to get more bandwidth. Science says that as the frequency of a wave increases, its wavelength decreases. Smaller ‘cells’ are need. 5G Technology usually uses three different frequencies low, medium, and high.

The wavelengths of different frequencies are also different for each. This requires a separate cell and an antenna. And different download speeds are available from it. Waves with a minimum frequency of 600-700 MHz are use.

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Download Speed

5G Technology

Download speeds are slightly higher than 30-250 megabytes per second. Much the same as the frequency use in the 4G. Coverage is similar to that of the ‘4G’ towers here. 2.5-3.6 GHz is use as the medium wavelength. It has a download speed of about 100-900 megabytes per second.


In this case mobile towers can provide coverage up to a few kilometres on all four sides. Waves with a frequency of 25-39 GHz are use at high levels. But in this case the coverage of the towers is reduce, as the wavelength reaches the millimetre band. In some cases, you can’t even go through the walls or windows of the house. But the download speed on the internet reaches up to a few gigabytes per second. Telecom companies will typically use longer wavelengths of medium frequency.

However, more towers will have to be install for this. And telecom companies will have to invest a lot of money to expand this infrastructure.

If the speed of internet increases, it is possible to do many things from education to entertainment which cannot be done now. The exchange of information will become much easier. The remote control system will improve. Technology companies have also shown self-driving cars using the ‘5G’. In the meantime, jio has announce that it has plans to build the infrastructure of the 5G. ‘5G’ phones of some companies have also come in the market.

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