VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

Vpn advantages and disadvantages. A VPN connects you privately and anonymously to the Internet. Using IP masking, data encapsulation, and encryption, the VPN network creates a hidden tunnel that makes it impossible to track you through ISPs, search engines, websites, and advertisers.

VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are wondering whether you should use VPN or not? Then this post is for you only. We are going to tell you some vpn advantages and disadvantages. So that you will understand what VPN is useful for.

VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of VPN

1. VPN hides your IP address to provide privacy

Whenever you log on to the Internet, then you are assigned an IP Address which recognizes your computer or mobile device. So the problem in this is that all your online activities can be traced through that IP Address. This includes every Google search you have done, every website you visit, online items you buy, links you click on, social media sites that you comment on, and many other things.

The biggest advantage of VPN is that it hides your IP address, due to which your Online Activities cannot be tracked. For this, it takes your Internet to another country server and hides your IP Address. Because VPN can hide your actual IP address, so your identity, location and online activities are all private in the web.

2. VPN protects Private Data from Public Wi-Fi.

Using public Wi-Fi in airports, hotels, and cafes without a VPN can be risky. Even if you use a password to connect to public Wi-Fi, it is not safe to do so. In this, hackers can easily read your data and can also steal it. This includes phone calls, emails, chats, logins and passwords etc.

VPN creates a hidden tunnel for your data. By using VPN, no outsider can see your data, which makes your private information even more private.

3. With the help of VPN you can access Geo-Restricted Content

If you are going to another country, or are living in that country, where suppose Netflix or Amazon are not allowed to stream, it means that they are all banned in that country. You do not have to worry because of this content restrictions, instead you can dodge your computer’s IP address using a VPN and get access to geo-restricted content.

VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

For example, if you are currently in Australia, you can log on to VPN Servers in the United States, which will give you the IP Address of America. It will be in it, even though you are in Australia, but it will feel like you are using the Internet from the US and due to this you can access your favorite movies and TV Shows. This process also works in a reverse way. If you are currently in the US and want to access Australia’s Shows, then you can use the Australian servers of your VPN.

4. VPN can be used in any Network or Hotspot

Another advantage of VPN is that it does not need any special network or Wi-Fi connection to do its work. Once you have set up the VPN service in your device, then you can use it from any network. This includes your home network, work network and Wi-Fi hotspots. It gives you more privacy, security and peace of mind.

5. VPN can be used in any device

VPN can be used in some kind of device like (computers, laptops, smartphones and mobile devices) which makes it quite convenient and easy to use. Some VPN Service Provider allows you to connect multiple devices in one plan, which reduces the cost of logo.

6. VPNs can dodge a Censorship

It is not new that many countries ban Internet Censorship on their countrymen. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr are all banned in China. Many VOIP-based services such as Skype and WhatsApp are banned in parts of Middle East.

If you live in that country or are going to roam in the country where Censorship is set up, you can get access to World Wide Web and VOIP services using VPN. Before reaching the country where this restriction has been done, you will have to sign up in the VPN service.

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vpn advantages and disadvantages

What is the VPN disadvantages ?

1. VPN slows down your Connection Speed

VPN does make your Connection secure, but we get a lot of slow Connection in it. And no person will want that the website they are loading will be open much longer, and no one will also want that it takes too much time to be buffering while streaming the content.

You should get a VPN that can complete all your work. Choose a VPN that has high speed and its security is also good. And the best hotspot for this is Shield.

2. Anti-VPN Software is becoming very strong

Many streaming services such as Netflix block all VPN connections through VPN blockers. So it can happen that one day you wake up in the morning and you will see that your trusted VPN is not able to access your favorite content.

3. Your VPN Connection may suddenly drop

With a reliable VPN, you rarely encounter connection drops – but this happens from time to time. The problem with this is that you have to reconnect to the VPN. When your encrypted connection is dropped, then your Real IP Address is exposed, and your identity is not hidden in the Internet.

There is a kill switch feature that allows you to disconnect from the Internet whenever the server is dropped. So this will keep your IP Address secret forever.

If you want your IP adress to be always secret, then you should take a VPN that has the feature of Kill Switch such as CyberGhost, PrivateVPN etc. vpn advantages and disadvantages.

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