Types of Social Media Influencers and Which Social Networks use for Influencers

Social Media Influencers are very dear to their Followers and Marketers. Social Media Influencers are those who consistently get a huge amount of engagement on their posts, and who have a Loyal Fan Following. Meaning there should be more than 10,000 followers in any one social media.

What is Social Media Influencers?

Social Media Influencers have a lot of followers, with the help of which they earn a lot of money. But you must want to know how they earn money? They earn money by promoting a company’s products or services through their account.

Social Media Influencers

An Influencer can also be successful in any Traditional Media such as Film, Television, Radio, or Print. But this situation does not always happen, and most of the people first create their brand in social media, and then think about any other platform only after becoming very popular.

To get the status of Influencers for Social Media Influencers it is not necessary that they have to participate in Paid Promotions, but many Influencers do this.

What are the types of Social Media Influencers?

What type of social media influencers are it depends on how many followers they have. Keep in mind that just by having more followers; it is not necessary that it will have more impact on the people.

1. Celebrities

People who have millions of followers are called celebrities in social media. They are also called “mega-influencers”.

These people are very famous due to being Actors, Singers, Athletes, or Internet personalities. This category is very unique and they have a lot of followers in social media.

If you have to share any products of your company with a lot of people, then celebrities are the best option for you, but you have to pay a lot for it. The cost of promoting a post can be up to millions of dollars.

Big companies take the help of celebrities to promote their products. This is because big companies can easily give very expensive price for promotion to all these celebrities.

2. Macro Influencers

Macro Influencers are called those who have followers from 100K to 1 Million. These are the people who get recognition and fame through the Internet and this includes Bloggers, Vloggers, Podcasters and Social Sensations.

Because these people are content creators, so they are experts in using social platforms and these people are experts in creating quality content, which benefits the brands a lot.

The charge of this type of social media influencers is also very high, but their charge is less than a celebrity or a popular athlete.

3. Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers are called those who have followers from 1K to 100K. These are not celebrities, but on the basis of their content, these people make their identity.

Micro influencers are very strong in their niche, and their communities are also powerful enough to be highly engaged.

There is a lot of engagement and interaction in these categories, so they have more hope of conversion.

4. Employees

Who knows the most about a company? Obviously their employees.

The employees of the company are well aware of their business and sharing in social media increases the confidence of the customers in the company.

Everyone Social is an easy-to-use software platform that allows company employees to create, engage, connect and share content on social media. Post can be created in just a few clicks, share it with your colleagues and then post it in external social networks.

5. Brand Fans

These people are not actually the customers of the company, Brand Fans share a company in social media and stay engaged with them because these people like the company’s vision, marketing, and products very much.

Maybe Brand Fans are not able to buy the products of that company or they are in some other industry, but these people praise and support the work of that company and also mention that company in social media.

Brand Fans associates those people with a company who are not already their customers, but in future they can all become customers of the company.

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Influencers Which Social Networks Use?

Some of the big Social Media Platforms where Influencers get success are Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch.

In all these networks, Influencers create posts about a company’s products, services or events, from which they are paid by the company. But there is some difference between all these platforms, how each platform is used and how Paid Promotions looks in all these platforms.


Instagram Influencers promote a company’s products through photos in their posts, or also promote the company’s products by using Targeted Keywords or any special HashTags in the description of the post. Sometimes Influencers can also be asked to put a link of the company in their Instagram account, or they have to tell about that product in Instagram Story. And from all this, Instagram Influencers earn money.


YouTube Influencers promote a product by telling about that thing in their video. For example, suppose they got the sponsor of SnapTube, then all they have to do is tell about this app in their video for a while and put the link of that app in the description of that video. YouTubers who stream video games on this platform also get money from Game Studios to play the titles of the games.


Influencers of Pinterest post Sponsored Pins in their account, by clicking on which users reach the web page of that company’s product or service. And this is how Pinterest Influencers get paid.


Influencers of Twitter Social Network tweet about a company’s products using certain Keywords and HashTags, from which they get money from the company.


To promote a brand and to post Sponsored Content, Facebook Influencers use their Facebook Page instead of using their Personal Profile. All this happens in Content, Text Post, Image or Video Format.


Influencers of Twitch are those who get Affiliate or Partner status and who have a large number of Loyal Fan Following. Those people mostly promote things related to Video Games and Tech.

Apart from posting Promoted Content in its Social Media Accounts, the company directly hires many Influencers, after which those Influencers promote that company on the platform of that company like TV, Print Media etc. Meaning the face value of that Influencers becomes so high that people trust the company on seeing them and buy the company’s goods or use the company’s products.

TIP: You can understand which post is Promotional by looking at HashTags only. If #ad, #sponsor, or #paid hashtags are used, it means that the company has paid the Influencer to create that post.

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