Top 10 Upcoming Simulation Games

Upcoming Simulation Games – Lots of people’s favorite genres Simulation Games, this kind of game can literally make time disappear from the universe. If you’re not too careful more or less, once you get started it could be very very addictive.

Anyways though simulation games has always had a place at the table and there are many weirdly specific and joyfully simulation games out there. Today we’re looking at top 10 upcoming simulation games to all the consoles and specifically the pc coming in 2021.

Simulation Games

1.Cyberpunk Detective

Simulation Games

You will play as a private detective who seeks for the truth and justice. In a time when this kind of value is totally extinct you get to do a lot of stuff, like you can modify your body, earn crypto money and get to know the criminal on the world in disguise. But you also get to solve puzzles mainly though try to stop the crime or you know try it out. This one’s possibly coming very soon maybe this year.

2.Lifeguard Simulator

Simulation Games

This one’s scheduled to release on steam this year and will give players a whole range of rescue equipment with which to save and protect beach lovers. Gotta stay focused on the job though keep an eye out for sharks mindless party, i mean people, children and also don’t get distracted by the beautiful woman. check it out this game is coming to pc in early 2021.

3.Ninja Simulator

Simulation Games

On the other hand doesn’t have a specific release date yet and the only announced platform so far is pc obviously. It’s a ninja simulator, basically is to practice shelf wherein you’ll have to be as silent as possible and do what ninja is supposed to be in short. It’s a third person infiltration espionage and assassination simulator.

4.Off-road Mechanics Simulator

On the other hand challenges you to modify off-road vehicles and then prepare them for on-the-road testing only. First you got to accept contracts over here from clients and from there you can customize your vehicle with a variety of parts to make them ready for driving on different kinds of trains.

Simulation Games

It’s got a single player campaign a lot of modifications testing and some fun as well. Only thing is there is currently no set release date for this game, but it’s set to launch on pc steam in the near future.

5.Medic Pacific Corpsman

This is a world war ii based simulator in which you work as an army medic on the front lines simple. This game is due to launch sometime this year on steam though a specific release. It has yet to be confirmed anything you need to learn about pretty much. Jungle House build a house in a jungle almost with your hands well apparently.

Simulation Games

You can larry become an architect in the primitive times build amazing houses and jungle wilderness. Using only your hands and primitive tools doing stuff, like exploring the jungle for the right place make secret underground houses and also the ones on high trees.

6.Off-road Transport Simulator

The ultimate sandbox experience jam-packed with off-road challenges. Advanced new terrain modification system day and night cycle and then plenty of great features that will satisfy.

Upcoming Simulation Games

Even the most hardcore drivers in which you get to earn money gain reputation and stuff and leave your competitors in the mud. I think it’s a good one it has a lot of stuff to do actually like literally hundreds of hours of gameplay It’s fun too only you’ll have to wait a little while longer perhaps early 2021.

7.I Am Your Principal

So being in principle i guess is not being easy like it can be the meanest the nicest or whatever.

Upcoming Simulation Games

It only backfires well, here you get to b1 do stuff like manage the class find the kids pranks create announcements use your special skills. As a principle get kids parents and also help them to choose the right way. It’s a good one so far and it’s coming to pc sometime in 2021.

8.Animal Shelters Simulator

On the other hand is a recreational shelter management simulator in which you get to deal with the wide range of creatures in need of your help until you find the real owners.

Upcoming Simulation Games

This one gives you the opportunity to tackle the challenging but also maybe rewarding task of running a refugee for three animals and risk. Anyway all looks good should all go as planned this month’s due out in early 2021


Do any of you want to become a journalist who figures out old car accident cases and stuff like that that’s first though the second. You gotta help victims on the road perform like first aid obtain evidence and even reconstruct stuff to discover.

What really happened there before you get there. I guess the experience you need to learn how to help people in real life situations. When that kind of thing happens who to help first. How to do it the best way and then you can think twice but you gotta remember, how time is running out this one also might come out in 2021 into pc and also consoles.

10.Animal Rescue

This is a unique game when you get to play the role of a field rescuer. Fit face the elements of nature save the animals. You get to customize and take care of your car since it is your only ally to help you quickly get to as many places.

As you can to save these animals like not only dogs and cats though there’s going to be horses, cows, monkeys, raccoons and much more. This one’s coming in 2021.

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