The Modern Rules Of Input Output Device

Input devices are those devices that are used to enter data into a computer or other device, there are many types of input devices such as Joystick, Scanner, Light Pen etc. and output devices are those devices with the help of which output is obtained. Today we will talk about Input Output Device, so let’s start.

Input Output Device

Input Output Device


Joystick is a famous input device and it is used to play games. Joystick is a pointing device, it looks exactly like a mouse, the joystick has a stick from which Angle and Direction are recorded, of joystick If the cursor is on the screen, then Right, Left, Forward, or Backward can be done.

Input Output Device

The joystick is commonly used in video games, flight control, etc. The joystick consists of a stick consisting of a spherical ball at the lower and upper ends of the lower ball that rotates inside a socket.


When you work on the computer, the scanner is used to scan any image there, it creates the image of any document like a photo machine and sends it to the computer in the form of a file. Electronic device can also speak.

The user also has the advantage of the scanner that the user does not need to type anything, with the help of the scanner, any data can be transferred rapidly to the computer, now you must be thinking that after all the scanner work. How to do it like suppose you have a scanner and you want to scan a document, then you have to put that document in the scanner, now as soon as you turn on the scanner, a light passes in it so that that document It gets scanned and starts appearing on the computer screen. (Input Output Device)

Light Pen

Light pan is a pointing device that looks exactly like a pen and which is connected to the screen of the computer, the tip of the light pan is made of Light Sensitive Element, the light pan detects the light of the screen. After the computer tracks the location of the light pan, with the help of light pan, you can make anything on the computer screen.

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Voice Input and Recognition

It is an input device consisting of a microphone or telephone which converts human speech into electronic signals, after which this signal pattern is sent to the computer where it is matched with the previously stored pattern so that the input key To be recognized, words are recognized by the system when there are too many matches of text, voice recognition is used to find websites in Google.

Video Camera

A video camera is a camera that continuously takes a picture and generates a signal for display or Permanently Recording on the monitor, the signal generated in a video camera is usually in analog, but in spite of this, nowadays digital video cameras are also in the market.

Optical Mark Reader ( OMR)

Optical Mark Reader is a special scanner, it is used to identify the mark made with a pen or pencil, for example you can take all the Competitive Exams that are held today are Objective Test Paper.

When you give the paper, you fill your answer in a circle with the help of pen or pencil, that answer sheet is fed into the computer through the optical mark reader, after that the computer checks those questions to see which question is answered. Its use is not limited to which question is correct and which answer is wrong, OMR focuses on the checking page. (Input Output Device)

Bar-code Reader

This is a device that is used to read bar coded data, a barcode is a special code that is used to easily identify any item, in which a series of small lines is made. It is called Bars, if you buy a book from the market, then you get a barcode on it.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

It is also called MICR, it is a device that works to process checks, it is used a lot in banks, MICR is in the lower part of the check, when MICR is Encoding then it is called It is called MICR line.

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It is a device that converts analog information into digital form, it can convert the analog signal of a TV or camera into a digital signal.

Types of output devices

Output devices are those devices that show any data from a system in the form of hardcopy or on the screen of the monitor.


Printer is an output device that puts the data written on the computer screen on paper, it is used to output any text or any image on paper, the printer was invented by Charles Beves Bevaj invented the printer for the Difference Engine in the 19th century, we can also get programs, data or different types of results with the help of printers.

Input Output Device

The quality of any printer is known by its resolution, it is called Dot Per Inch. There are two types of printers.

1. According to the print capacity – According to this there are three types of printers.

  • Character Printer This is a printer that prints only one character.
  • Line Printer This is a printer that prints 200 to 2000 pages every minute.
  • Page Printer This is such a printer that prints the entire page at once.

2. According to the way of printing – According to this there are two types of printers. (Input Output Device)

Impact Printers

Like a typewriter, it prints by pressing on a ribbon of paper and ink, by which only one type of output is given, which depends on the ribbon, these are of two types.

Dot Matrix Printers

This is a slow impact printer that prints only one character at a time. This type of printer has a print head that rotates from right to left and left to right, this type of printer has small hammers. Those which are used on paper, then the matter gets typed on the paper, due to this many copies can be removed from it at a time. Is.

Daisy Printers

This printer is also exactly like Dot Matrix, in which instead of a hammer, a wheel is installed through which any paper is printed.

Non Impact Printers

This type of printers do not have ribbon, in this the print is achieved by spraying ink through the light, carbon copy cannot be obtained from this type of printer, the speed of this type of printers is fast, so Black and any other color output can be obtained from this type of printer, this type of printer does not make noise when running, there are 3 types of non-impact printers.

Thermal Printers

This is a non-impact character printer, a special type of paper is used in this type of printer, the print from this type of printer is good, when you print with this printer, the cost is high Ink Jet Printer

A bottle of ink is kept in these types of printers, these printers have a print head which can have 64 small nozzles, the quality of such printers is very good, today these types of printers are used in offices in homes. .

Laser Printers

It is a very high speed printer, it uses semiconductor laser beam, optical drum and charged ink toner, the quality of laser printers is very good, it is used a lot in Desktop Publishing (DTP).


Plotter is an output device, they are used in good quality graphics and design, in which inkpen or inkjet is used to make graphics or designs, if you want, you can use single color or multi color pens. .


monitor |

Monitor is an output device, it is also called Visual Display Unit, it looks exactly like TV, without monitor the computer is considered incomplete. If it is to be measured, it is measured Diagonally, monitors show text or picture according to color or black and white type, monitors are used to achieve soft output.


speaker |

Speaker is an output device that is used to listen to any kind of audio or video click, if you are more fond of watching movies then you need to install speaker in your system because through that you can get a nice and clear sound. As you can hear, the speakers are of small size and are made of plastic. (Input Output Device)

These are Input Output Device through which your system works well and quickly, so I hope that you must have liked the information given by me about the Input Output Device, if yes, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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