SSD Vs HDD Lifespan Which is Better

Difference between SSD and HDD

SSD Vs HDD Lifespan – A lot of people want to know what is the difference between lifespan of ssd vs hdd. When you go to buy a computer, many people get confused whether to choose SSD as Secondary Storage Device or HDD, let’s understand ssd lifespan vs hdd. What is the difference and what is the difference between the ssd vs hdd speed

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When you think of getting a new computer system, then you get two options for Offline or Online Storage Drive, first SSD which is Full Form Solid State Drive and second option is HDD which has Full Form Hard Disk Drive, then technically, But SSD and HDD work in the same way but their characteristics are different from each other due to lack of information, we are not able to quickly decide what to take between SSD and HDD for our computer.

For this, first of all we have to understand what is the difference between these two and what are the specialty, then let’s first know what HDD or Hard Disk Drive is.

What is HDD ( Hard Disc Drive) hdd full form

The world’s first Hard Disk Drive was created by IBM company in 1956, this Hard Disk Drive used Magnetism technology, also called Fixed Disk, used magnetic disk in Hard Disk Drive to store data.

Used to have a coating of magnetic material on both sides of this disk, the read and write head on each surface of the disk which can move back and forth is called Spinning Platter. Rotation Platter is rotated rapidly to store data in Hard Disk. Its rotation speed is from 3600 revolutions per minute to 7200 revolutions per minute (RPM) or RPM.

SSD Vs HDD Lifespan

Currently some hard disk drives spin up to 15000 RPM, Hard Disk will be able to read and write data as fast as it spins, Hard Disk Drive is a very reliable means of storing information, but it is very sensitive Also, even a particle of dust can spoil it if it goes inside the Hard Disk, so it is permanently locked in a metal voice, but its biggest advantage is that it can be used by the common user.

It is easily available at a very low price and can be stored by storing a lot of data in it. Today, Hard Disk Drive ranging from 1TB to 10TB are available in the market, starting from around Rs. 3000.

What is SSD ( Solid State Drive) ssd full form

The full form of SSD is Solid State Drive, you can call it a big form of Pen drive. Pen drive can be used to store a little more data in SSD, SSD has a card just like Pen drive, there is no Magnetic Disk in it. This card has many Micro Chips in which data is stored, that is why Solid State Drive is more Faster than Hard Disk Drive, SSD is a Non Volatile Memory.

SSD Vs HDD Lifespan

Non Volatile Memory is the memory in which the data goes light Still not destroyed, SSD has a Not End (NAND) Flash Memory, it is used in many types of storage drives like USB Data Card, Smart Media Card, SD Card, Mini SD Card, etc., all these I have no memory loss

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How does SSD work

The SSD has a Controller to read and write the data, which is also called the Brain or Processor of SSD. The same Processor stores the data and also cleans up the memory of SSD.

How Many Type of SSD

SSD is like a large mobile battery, its SSD card is placed inside a plastic or metal card, there are many types of SSDs according to the size.

  • 1.8 Inch
  • 2.5 Inch
  • 3.5 Inch

This SSD easily fits into your CPU case. Apart from this, SSDs used for Laptop are called Mini SATA (mSATA). According to the connectivity and speed, SSD is something like this.


SSD Vs HDD Lifespan , SSD Vs HDD Speed

This SSD is just like a normal Laptop Hard Disk, it continues to support the SATA Connector. It is a very popular SATA SSD that is being used in all computers today.


SSD Vs HDD Speed

It is very much like a Ram in appearance and is smaller in size than Normal SSD. It is very important to have a mSATA port in your computer motherboard. This SSD is commonly used in Laptop.


SSD Vs HDD Speed

This type of SSD is very fast, it is very easy to connect, it can be easily connected to PCI-E Slot and Normal SATA Cable, it is just like a Graphics card to see, let’s know SSD and HDD now What is the difference between

SSD Vs HDD Lifespan Which is Better

HDD vs SSD Lifespan – Difference based on price

  • SSD – Solid Disk Drive is much more expensive than a hard disk drive. The price of 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA Internal Solid State Drive is currently around Rs. 10000.
  • HDD – Hard Disk Drive is much cheaper than Solid Disk Drive. 1TB SATA Hard Disk costs around Rs. 3000.

SSD Vs HDD Speed Difference 

  • The biggest feature of SSD-Solid Disk Drive is its speed. SSD’s boot time is usually around 30 Seconds and its Data Transfer Speed is around 4GB Per Seconds, so that it can read and write data very fast.
  • The speed of HDD-Hard Disk Drive is much lower than that of SSD. The average boot time of HDD is 1 Minute 20 Seconds, while its Data Read & Write Speed is around 200 MB Per Seconds which is much lower than SSD.

SSD Vs HDD Difference based on storage capacity

  • HDD If you want to keep more data storage at a lower price, then there is no better option than HDD. Between 3000 and 4000, 1TB HDD is easily available, in which a lot of data is stored in less money.
  • SSD is not built on the basis of storage capacity. At the price you buy 1TB HDD, only 250 GB SSD will be available, so if you have to do DATA storage then Hard Disk Drive is the better option.

SSD Vs HDD Reliability

SSD does not have any Disk or Moving Part which makes it more secure than Hard Disk. Its life is much longer.

Disk is always rotating in HDD. Also if Laptop or PC falls or some kind of pressure falls on HDD then chances of it getting worse are high.

Other Reason

SSD- There is no Noise nor Vibration in it because there is no Moving Part in SSD, because SSD produces very little Heat and Magnetism effect is safe due to lack of moving part in it.

Moving part in HDD-HDD produces Noise and also Vibration by rotating its disk up to 7200 RPM also generates the Heat due to rotation, as well as Magnet on the Hard Disk Drive. This can destroy your data completely.


Why buy HDD

If you are buying a computer and you want to store more data like Movies, Songs, Image File and your budget is less as well as the time it takes you to start a computer i.e. Boot Of Speed and Data Transfer There is no problem with time, then Hard Disk Drive is the best option for you.

Why buy SSD

If you want to make a Best Performance Computer like you want to run a better Video Editing Software in your PC and you are not worried about money nor worry about storage capacity if you want to do all the work with Speed then your SSD is the best option.

Hope you understand what is the difference between SSD and HDD, what is a HDD or a hard disk drive, what is SSD or a solid state drive, ssd vs hdd speed,SSD Vs HDD Reliability. What is the difference in SSD (SSD Vs HDD Lifespan) by price, by Speed, by Storage Capacity, by Durability or by other reasons that you should buy Hard disk Drive or Solid State Drive Or what could be of your work, if you liked this information, then share this information and comment and tell us what is the difference between SSD and HDD. Thank you, have a nice day.

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