Signal Private Messenger for Android

What is Signal Private Messenger for Android: We know that you are searching on Google about Signal App because Whatsapp has said in its policy that it uses user’s data for its purpose.

Signal Private Messenger for Android

Therefore, you want to download Signal App to keep your data safe & secure. But you do not have complete information about Signal App. Therefore, we are going to give you the right information about Signal Private Messenger for Android through this article, so let’s begin.

Signal Private Messenger for Android

Signal App is also a Multimedia Messaging App like Whatsapp and Telegram. This is owned by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. This company works without any profit. It is a Non-Profit Foundation like Wikipedia. This does not share your privacy with anyone.

For your information, let us tell you that Signal App has been created by Moxie Marlinspike, who is the CEO of Signal Foundation and is also an American cryptographer. Brian Acton had already established the Signal Foundation in 2013-2014.

Signal Application can be easily downloaded and used in Android, Window, iOS and Mac devices. Signal is Private Messenger which promises to keep the privacy secure.

What is the Tagline of Signal App

Signal App has a tagline about your privacy – ‘Say Hello to Privacy’

How to download Signal App

The Signal App is available to download on the Playstore. You have to download the Signal App by going to the link given below and install it in your SmartPhone.

Download App : Signal App

How to use Signal App – How to Signup Signal App

We know in detail about how to use Signal App. Signal Private Messenger for Android

  • First of all, you have to download Signal App from Playstore.
  • After installing the Signal App in your mobile, it has to be opened.
  • On opening, you will have a privacy related message show; you have to click on Continue.
  • After this, the Signal App will ask you for permission for contact, phone calls, this has to be allowed to you.
  • Now you have to register with your mobile number on Signal App. Like you do in Whatsapp and Telegram.
  • While registering on Signal App, you have to fill the Capcha Code for Human Verify which will be from Google.
  • After this, an OTP will be sent to you, Verify by inserting OTP of 6 digits.
  • Now you have to setup your profile in Signal Application.
  • In which enter your name and surname and click on Next.
  • Signal App will ask you to create a pin, here you put a 4 digit PIN like UPI pin.
  • Now you can use the Signal Private Messenger for Android easily.

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