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Search IFSC Code – Hello guys how are you hope you are good and once again very much welcome to Technokm. In this  post, we will find out “What is IFSC Code”? “How to find any bank IFSC Code”? Whenever we transfer money from our bank account to another bank account, the IFSC code is required at that time. You cannot send money from one account to another without IFSC code. What is IFSC Code?

Search IFSC Code

Any bank in India like SBI, UBI, Axis Bank, PNB and all other banks need the IFSC code to know the branch address. Different branches of each bank have different unique IFSC code.

Search IFSC Code

If you want to Search IFSC Code of your bank branch, then you have to look at the passbook given by your bank. But it is not possible that you carry your bank passbook everywhere at all times. If you have an account with more than one bank, you will have to take out passbooks of different banks with you.

So I am going to tell you through this post that you can Search IFSC Code of any of your bank branches within 1 minute without having a passbook with you. Because it is not possible to remember the IFSC code of every bank.

So, you can Search IFSC Code of any branch of any bank immediately, so let’s start. First of all, before knowing the IFSC code of any bank, let us know what is the IFSC code? What is the full name of IFSC code?

What is IFSC Code

The IFSC code is an Alpha Numeric Code used for electronic money transfer. Each bank has a unique IFSC code for each branch. As State Bank of India has two branches, the IFSC code of both those branches will be different.

The IFSC code consists of a total of 11 Alpha Numeric. The first 4 letter bank name is followed by the fifth 0 and the last 6 number is the detail of the bank branch.

For example, assuming my bank account is in State Bank of India, my IFSC Code will look like this.


In this, SBIN means State Bank of India and 31486 is the code of the branch of that bank. The IFSC code is used to identify every branch of a bank. You must have seen that after entering the IFSC code while transferring money, the address of that bank’s branch appears. It is used in NEFT (National electronic fund transfer).

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What is the full form of IFSC code

IFSC Code Full form is “Indian financial system code”. It is called IFSC Code in short form. It is used by electronic fund transfer.

How to find IFSC of any bank

The IFSC Code of any bank is very easy to find. This is a public code. One can find out the IFSC code of any bank branch. To know the IFSC code of any bank branch, 4 things will be required.

  • banks’ name
  • In which state is the bank
  • Which district is the bank in?
  • Bank branch local area adress
For Example
  • Bank Name – State Bank of India
  • Which state is the bank in – west Bengal
  • The bank is in which district of that state – Kolkata
  • Local Area Address of Bank Branch – Shyam Bazar Kolkata

If we have these 4 things then the IFSC code of any bank will have to use IFSC Code Tool Finder. To find out the IFSC Code of the bank, first you have to open this website (

After opening this website, you have to select the name of the bank. The bank whose IFSC code you want to know. Example: State Bank of India which is why I have chosen.

After selecting the name of the bank, you have to select the state. The state in which you have opened your bank account. Like I have chosen West Bengal State.

Search IFSC Code

After choosing bank state, now you have to select the district in which your bank account is open. Like I have chosen Kolkata district. Note that you have to select everything correctly because every district has many branches of the same bank.

After choosing the district, now you have to choose your Local Area Adress where your home or office has a bank branch. Like we have selected Shyam Bazar.

Search IFSC Code

In this way, the complete details of the IFSC Code of that bank branch will be exposed to you. Which you can use in electronic fund transfer. You would have come to know how to find the IFSC Code of any bank.

Can any bank’s address be detected by the IFSC Code

We have learned that if there is a name and address of any bank, you can find out the IFSC code of that bank branch. But what if we know the IFSC Code, then can the Address of that bank branch know it? Yes. Because the IFSC code of each bank branch is unique.

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