Samsung S21 Price in India Anticipated Smartphone Galaxy S21

Samsung s21 price – Samsung’s much-anticipated smartphone Galaxy S21 is about to launch this time. Not one, this Samsung Galaxy S21 series will have multiple handsets.

Samsung S21 Price

Samsung s21 price

Samsung’s next flagship series is the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The price of these three phones is 91 Mobiles. According to the report, the Galaxy S21 is priced at 849 euros (Rs 76,000 in India), the Galaxy S21 Plus is priced at 1,049 euros (Rs 94,500 in India) and the Galaxy S21 Ultra is priced at 1,399 euros (Rs 1.26 lakh in India).

However, these prices are for the base model of each smartphone. The base model of each phone in this S21 series has 128GB internal storage. The 256GB storage variant of the Galaxy S21 Plus costs 1,099 euros (about Rs 99,200 in Indian prices). It is learned that this Galaxy series will have several more storage variants.

However, Samsung s21 price the pricing of each phone in this series is for the European market. According to sources, the price of each phone in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be quite low for Asia and especially India.


The color of the phones is going to be the most interesting thing in this series. The phones of Samsung Galaxy S21 series are going to be completely different from the previous ones. The camera bump is also going to be replaced. All three phones have elevated camera models. And the camera will be surrounded by a glossy metal case.

Samsung s21 Color

The Galaxy S21 comes in Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink and Phantom White. The Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone again has three color options: Phantom Gray, Phantom Black and Phantom Violet.

On the other hand, the look of Galaxy S21 Ultra is going to be completely different from these two smartphones. Even its camera sensor will be different.

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