PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.18.0 with New maps, Guns and Features

PUBG Mobile Lite Update – This update release by the company on the first anniversary of the game. In the new update, users get to see many new features and changes. The Northwest Side of the Varenga Map is reviving.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update

Many changes made in this update. Along with this, new weapons, a new Arena Map, system update, display improvement and other tweaks added to the game. New update of PUBG Mobile Lite Version 0.18.0 is available on Google Play Store and it can be downloading free.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update

In the new update, PUBG mobile light users will get a revive version of the Northwest side of the Varenga map. Along with this, some new changes will be seeing in the map. The southern mountain range has a hall between the mountains, which can be explore. However, slow moving cable cars added to the map, which will help in moving from one location to another. New weapons added in the PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.18.0.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update

After the new update, the P90 sub-machine gun and MP5K sub-machine gun are available in PUBG Mobile Lite. While the P90 Gun Arena is exclusive to the game mode, while the MP5K is part of the classic mode. The Arena mode offers an integrated vault function, sliding function and a generator indicator. Moreover, pistol attachment with sub-machine gun is given. Additionally M16 rifles also added.

Other Changes PUBG Mobile Lite Update

On completion of one year, these game lobby background, span island and app icons added to PUBG Mobile Lite Update. With this, the Daily Mission System reformed and players can see their ranking in the stats. Players able to see the vehicle 3D model display, parachute and plane lobby, opening screen. In addition, a new gold redemption feature, special voucher and direct cash purchase feature given.

PlayStation Summer Sale 2020

PlayStation Summer Sale 2020 get PUBG with 67 percent discount here price features all details: The console version of PUBG can be purchase in PlayStation Summer Sale 2020 with a bumper discount. Game purchase with a 67% discount in the sale. The price of this game in the sale Rs 1,999 to Rs 659. This means that these games can be purchase with a discount of Rs 1340. Let us know that in this PUBG console version, season 8 added to the public test server.

This PUBG update is now available for download and play on Xbox, PS4 and Stadia. The new update brings a new change to Sanhok map in the game. New elements added to the Sanhok map, as well as changes to the old location. Season 8 update also brings Survivor Pass: Payback.

PUBG Update 8.1: Season 8 details

The main features in update 8.1 are Sanhok. It is rework to improve gameplay. This will give gamers a better experience while playing the game and will see the old location in a new avatar.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update

Sanhok Season 8 Key landmark changes

  • These are the places where you will get to see the work…
  • Boot camp, Quarry, Airfield, Getaway, Ruins
  • Mountain, Cave, River
  •  Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong

New Feature: Loot Truck

Loot Truck is a new feature that gives players an extra, risky, gear up option. Four Loot trucks are drive at the start of the match. When a truck is destroying, a new truck takes from the garage. It has many new features that you get in it, with the help of which you can roam in it.

In this articles gaming news for PUBG Mobile Lite Update and Pubg PlayStation Summer Sale 2020. If you have any question comment below.

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