Pubg Mobile India Game launching New Version

Pubg mobile india game is going to be launch in India And before that launch, the prize money of the Indian version of PUBG was leaked. According to sources, the winner of the first prize in the pubg mobile india game tournament will get Rs 6 crore.

The surprises do not end here. Along with this huge prize money, the salary range is going to be from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

Pubg Mobile India Game

Pubg Mobile India Game

The India’s PUBG Mobile player, TSMentGhatak, recently shared this news. “The first prize of the PUBG tournament is Rs 6 crore,” Ghatak wrote on Twitter. Shocked? Not only that.

The minimum salary of Tier One teams is 40 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. The prize pool will change every season. ESPORTS start a new era is about to begin in India. This is the best time to join ESPORTS. ‘

PUBG Redesign

However, this time PUBG Mobile India is going to be much different from before. This gaming app is redesign with a compatibility with the original PUBG Mobile.

According to the company, the new name PUBG Mobile India is giving to the Indian players so that they can differentiate themselves as Indians when they play the PUBG Mobile version in the world. Besides, pubg mobile india game is also coming up with a new app feature for Indian players.

According to recent media reports, the old PUBG Mobile IDs of Indian players will be restore after the re-launch of PUBG Mobile India. However, PUBG India confirmed that not every banned account would be reopened. At the same time, it is learn that all the accounts that banned for 10 years will have to open new accounts to play again. In addition, that is because PUBG Mobile India wants to give new players a chance to play.


Meanwhile, before the re-launch, the APK download link of PUBG Mobile went on the official website. This is exactly what was reported in the MySmartPrice report.

A number of PUBG fans said that the APK download link of this game is already post on the PUBG Mobile India website. There are currently two buttons on this link. One is label Google Play Store and the other is downloading the APK file directly.

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