Nvidia RTX 3000 series Full Breakdown

Nvidia just announced its second-generation nvidia RTX GPU based off its brand new ampere architecture and threw out a bunch of impressive claims.

Nvidia RTX

So, what does it mean and should you upgrade, well let’s take a look at what they debut 2018’s 20 series nvidia rtx cards were a major step forward in gpu technology especially the way hardware, displays, lighting and reflections and other realistic effects.

Nvidia RTX 3000 series

You have probably heard the ray tracing thrown around a lot and yeah that’s exactly what the rtx series introduced to the pc gaming world, well two years after the debut of nvidia’s rtx cards the second generation version which refreshes the architecture all together is finally here.

It is call ampere and it is in the form of the 30 series graphics cards, but all you need to know is that the 30 series cards most notably the new flagship 3080 card doubles the performance of last generation’s flagship that was called the 2080 to convey this improvement.

Nvidia usually shows off some kind of real-time demo and with this debut they upped the specs of a super satisfying physics sandbox called marbles and then they compared this new ampere architecture, against last generation’s turing technology in just a simple sort of side-by-side comparison.

This is a proprietary custom designed demo to show off the new gpu, but it’s nevertheless effective and then we got confirmation of what the actual card is going to look like, but it was interesting to hear how it’s newly conceived cooling system works.

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Nvidia RTX Card

So, nvidia is saying that its dual axial flow through which features fans that push and pull at the same time allow the 3080 to operate three times quieter and up to 20 degrees cooler than last gen’s design, but like a lot of these reveals i like to keep an eye on the step down off that flagship gpu.

I’m talking about 3070 that they only rather touched on for a few minutes. It’s 200 cheaper than the 3080 at 500 and it outperforms last generation’s 2080 ti which if you really keep track of all these gpus that is impressive.

Nvidia says the new ampere cards are the biggest generational leap that they’ve ever made based off performance.

The question of now is the time to upgrade your personal gpu, for me this feels like a really good time for people with those older 900 series of cards to upgrade and maybe even those with a lower maybe entry level 10 series card.

It’s designed for 8k gaming you’re probably going to get to use that 8k display. I hope that was helpful. I am personally super excited for these new gpu and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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