How TRP is Calculated Rating Every things you need to know

How TRP is Calculated- Now a day’s TV has become an important part of our everyday life. You must have heard often that such types of channel are at number one in TRP or TRP of a serial is going well.

how trp is calculated

After all, what is TRP and how to calculate TRP. Today, we will give you an answer to every question. Let us know what TRP is and how it is measured.

What is TRP?

TRP stands for Television Rating Point. Through TRP, it is known how long people watched a TV channel or a show. The TRP itself shows which channel or which show is so popular, how much people like it.

TRP has the same meaning that the more TRP, the more its popularity. Currently, BARC India (Broadcast Audience Research Council India) does the work of TRP. Earlier; this work was done by TAM.

The channel with the highest TRP will also have the highest income. Because how all channels earn from advertising. The advertising company will pay more money to the channel with the highest TRP.

Popularity or TRP of the channel will be good only if the serial, show and news on that channel have high TRP. Per Ads fee is fixed on the basis of TRP. All channels are analyzed in BARC TRP. This is an organization.

How to check TRP – How trp is calculated

People’s Meter technique is use to find the rating of a TV channel. This is a technique that, with the help of frequency, can find out which channel is being watch and how many times ads are coming and analyze everything.

 People’s Meter gives one-second data information to the Monitoring Team (Indian television audience measurement). And this team finds out which channel has a rating and which TV is the highest ranking of the serial.

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How TRP is measured

How trp is calculated

First of all, it is important to make it clear that TRP is not an actual but an estimated figure. There are crores of television viewers across the country. In such a situation, it is impossible to know the opinion of all viewers on which channel they are liking or which program they like.

Therefore this work is measured through sampling. In a few thousand homes, a special device called a People’s Meter is fitted. According to the information, this People’s Meters are installed in about 30 thousand houses across the country.

Through this, it is known that which channel, program or show is being watched on that TV set for how long and for how long. The agency decides the TRP after analyzing the information it receives from the People’s Meter.

Why TRP is measured

How trp is calculated

TRP is the measure of popularity of a channel, show or program. The main source of revenue of TV channels is money from advertisements. Advertisers pay the highest bets on the channel which is more popularity in TRP.

If there is more TRP, then the channel will charge more for showing advertisements. If there is a low TRP, then either advertisers will not show interest in it or they will advertise at a lower price.

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