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How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web – WhatsApp is the most used app worldwide. WhatsApp also keeps adding various features on its platform, so that users will get convenience. WhatsApp had introduced voice calling as well as video calling facility on its platform a long time ago which is used in large numbers. This instant messaging app, which started with testing, added new features one after another, including video calling and voice calling.

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

Video call on web.whatsapp.com

As you know that you need good internet to use WhatsApp’s video calling feature, that is, you do not have to pay any kind of amount. Do you know that  you can also use WhatsApp video calling on WhatsApp web too.

How to do video calling

Let us tell you that on WhatsApp you can make a video call to an individual or a group. The process of both is the same in both ways. For video calling on WhatsApp web, first you have to connect WhatsApp, then go to the given contact. After this you will need to open the chat of that contact.

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

Add others to your video call too

Please tell, after this you have to click on the icon of the video camera next to the calling. Not only this, you can also add other people during one on one calling running on WhatsApp. To add another person during calling, click the add participant button at the top right. Select your contact and add it. Can make group calls at once. Therefore, you have to must attention to the following steps.

Video calling in group

Open your WhatsApp and select Group Chat. Once open, start the video calling by clicking on the given camera icon. Let us know, currently, 8 users can do video calling  simultaneously on WhatsApp.

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

How to Video call on laptop Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp web video calling

Open WhatsApp Web and sign in with your account. You will see three vertical dots on the screen. Create a room by clicking there. After this you will see a pop up, click on it and go to Messenger. Now you have to create a room and after that you will be able to make a video call. After that, by sharing the link of the video call to others, you can make video calling with your friends.

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