How to use Photoshop with New Shortcut Key

How to use Photoshop – If you have an artist hidden inside you, then Photoshop is a world of infinite possibilities for you, there are many people doing business through Photoshop all over the world, and they are earning a lot of money. If you are a Professional Photographer, and your hand is, clean in Photoshop then you may have many employment opportunities or you can start your business from home.

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Photoshop Introduction

The Adobe Company, as Photoshop names start popping up in many unique mindsets, has created it and it is true that Photoshop is the most popular Software use in the world for Digital Imaging, making several incredible pictures from Photoshop. Is being prepared, and some examples of which you can see here,

How to use Photoshop

Features of Photoshop (How to use Photoshop)

Photoshop has not only created this from the most popular place in the world of digital imaging, but no other software has been able to replace it till date, one of the reasons is its simple navigation, its toolbar and its other plugins What makes Photoshop different from other Imaging Software. It gives you the freedom to work, its Command Shortcuts provide you with speed, its tools give professional touch to your work, if you have a little skill, and you want to learn Photoshop by heart, then you can go home for yourself. You can make a sitting a means of earning. However, you have to work hard.

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop is a Graphics and Imaging Software, so there are some System Requirements to run it in Computer, i.e. to run Photoshop properly, you need to have at least these hardware in your computer. Photoshop works well on Windows 7, Windows 10 Does, but if you are using a lower version of Windows 7, then there may be problems in running Photoshop. This requires a minimum Intel P4 2.8 GHz processor and your computer must have 512 RAM, otherwise your computer Hang can also be another thing. If you want to do a professional work, then you must install a graphics card of at least 256 MB.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Key

Photoshop is a very popular image editing application, photographers around the world use it professionally, but they rarely use the mouse, most of the institutions that teach Photoshop professionally use keyboard shortcut keys. Use it; you can work in Photoshop very fast,

Photoshop Key

New FileCtrl+N
Open FileCtrl+O
Open asAlt+Ctrl+O
Edit in ImageRedyShift+Ctrl+M
Close AllAlt+Ctrl+W
Sace As…Shift+Ctrl+S
Sace for WebAlt+Shift+ctrl+S
File Info..Alt+Ctrl+L
Page SetupShift+Ctrl+P
Print With PreviewAlt+Ctrl+P
Print one CopyAlt+Shift+Ctrl+P
Step ForwardShift+Ctrl+Z
Step BackwardAlt+Ctrl+Z
Copy MergedShift+Ctrl+C
Paste Into…Shift+Ctrl+V
Free TransformCtrl+T
Color Settings…Shift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts..Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K

How to Change a Background

First, open that photo in Photoshop, whose background you have to change. Suppose we have taken the wallpaper of any image, whose background has to be changed. After the photo is open, select the pen tool from your toolbar or press the P button from the keyboard. As soon as this happens, the Pen Tool will replace the Cursor of your mouse, now very carefully select that photo and Finish your selection at the point from which you started selecting. Keep in mind that the photo and the background part should be different while selecting.

How to use Photoshop
How to use PhotoshopHow to use Photoshop

After selecting the photo with the Pen Tool, right click on it, select Make Selection. After selecting Make Selection, fill 1 or 2 in the Feather Radius option and make OK. Actually, it softens the cutting you have done, the more points you increase here, the more the cut you give will be mixed in the background. On OK, a dotted line will come around your photo. Now press Ctrl + c from the keyboard and copy this cut off part of the photo. Now open any background or scenery from computer and open only paste Ctrl + V on scenery.

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