What is Google Images and How to Use Google Image Search

How to Use Google Image Search – Google is not just a search engine today. Google has made many tools over the years and one of them is Google Images. Today we will explain about how to use Google Image search.

What is Google Images?

Google Images is a web-based product that Google has told and with this we can search images online. Just like we search a query in Google, similarly we can search any images in Google Images. By searching a query in Google Search Engine, we get to see many web pages in the results and in Google Images we get to see images.

How to Use Google Image Search

How to Use Google Image Search

The 3 easiest ways to access Google Images.

  • 1. Go to Google.com and select the images shown above on the right.
  • 2. Go to Images.google.com, because this is the direct way to go to Google Images.
  • 3. Input the name of the image you want to search in Google Search and select the images from the result page.

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Google Image Basic Searching

Like Google Search, you can search your favorite images in Google Images. You will get to see many images according to the search done. How to Use Google Image Search

In these pages, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Select Thumbnail of any images, so that you will get to see a larger version of that images. And in the side of that images, you will get information about that images.

2. From here, you select Visit, after which you will reach that source web page, where you will get to see the full image.

3. As we told that after selecting the visit you will reach the page where the full image is present. Now you can use that images in some ways – like right click in PC and long press on image in mobile.

How to Use Google Image Search

How to Use Google Image Search

4. Select one of the options below:

1. Open image in new tab: Only with this image a new page will open and using its URL, you can go directly to the source of that image.

2. Save image as: Selecting this will open the file download dialog box of your operating system. Here you can choose where to download the image and what name to keep.

3. Copy image address: Selecting this will copy the URL of that image to the Clipboard of your Operating System. And after that you can paste it in some other place.

4. Copy image: By selecting it, that image will be copied to your OS’s Clipboard in Media Format. Now you can paste that image in some other place like in the word processing document.

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Google Images Filtering and Advanced Tools

How to Use Google Image Search. In the Google Search Result Page, inside the search bar, you will find a drop-down box named “Tools”. In this, you get several types of filtering options.

1. Size

By selecting the size, you can choose how much size image you want from Google Image. If you want an image of low size, then you select Icon or Medium, and if you want high-resolution photos, select Large.

You can do this when you are working on a project and there is a need for a larger size picture. You can do this even in those situations if you need a wallpaper for your big computer screen, or you need a cover photo for your social media page.

2. Color

When you are using Color Option in Advanced Google Images filtering options, then the photos of the same color you choose will be visible to you. You can select Black and White or you can choose any other color from the option.

Transparent Google Images filter is great for you when you don’t want any background in images. And it is also good in that situation when you are adding many photos together in an Image Editing Program.

3. Usage Rights

How to Use Google Image Search – Another way to use Google’s advanced image search tools is that you can find free images from here. Here you can choose from many Usage Option. You will get 5 options in it.

  • A: Not filtered by license- It cannot be used without your permission.
  • B: You can use it by modifying the Labeled for Reuse with Modification- Image.
  • C: Labeled for Reuse- You can use this image easily.
  • D: Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse with Modification- You can modify this images and use it only for non-commercial works.
  • E:  Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse- You can use these images for non-commercial works.
4. Type

This filter of Google Images is very helpful. Good to see millions of results, you can select any one of its options and see different types of images. In this, you will get 4 options – Any Type, Clip Art, Line Drawing and GIF. You can select GIF to view GIFs in Google Images.

5. Time

By selecting the time advanced image search option, you can choose how many days before you want to see images. In this, you get 4 options – Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month and Past Year ie from 1 day to 1 year, you can use the filter here.

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