How to Send Online Wedding Invitation

With the changing times, there has been a lot of change in the modalities of weddings. Some people want to marry their new style completely.

The concept of the feast decoration has changed completely. Along with this, new experiments are done with invitation cards, i.e. wedding cards given to guests. Internet is now being use to send invitations to relatives. If you also want to send these digital invitations to someone, then let us know what are those methods

How to Send Online

How to Send Online through Facebook

You can directly invite friends from Facebook to join, for this – login with Facebook, and click on the given event in Top Right. Create a private event here. That is because in a private event you can choose to send the invitation to the people as per your choice.

If you choose a public event, then everyone will get that invitation on Facebook and you will not want to do so, so keep this in mind. You can also add Photos and Map Join event here. In addition, you will also know which guests are coming and who are not.

Send invitations from Google calendar

Go to the main page of Google Calendar and create a new event. Here you will see Email, Pop-up and SMS three options when you set the reminder for the Invite. You can select whatever you want and see the previous post for more information.

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