How to make money from Google? 3 Best ways to make money from online

Hello friends, I warmly welcome to you on my site ( Today’s post is going to be very important for all friends, because in this post we will tell you about how to make money from Google.

Till date, you must have seen a lot of people that they are earning good money work from home. But you do not know how they are earning money work from home. Today we will discuss about them in front of you. How to make good money work from home. We will tell you about it in detail.

Although there are many ways to make money from Google, but we are going to tell you three best ways that you can change your whole life. If you walk according to my suggestion, you can earn good money from online. You do not need to find any job. So let us all discuss those methods in detail.

YouTube is a platform, on which we can put our videos and make money on it, but there are some rules of YouTube, we can make money from YouTube by following the rules. Next, we will give full information about YouTube

On YouTube, you have to create your own account first, that account will not be created without your Gmail. If you do not have an Gmail Id, then you cannot create an account. For this you must first create an Gmail ID, then you can create your account on YouTube or You can say that your own channel on YouTube on which you can put any of your videos.

How to Make Money from Google

1. YouTube
2. Website
3. Android Application

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform on which you can put your videos and make money from it. However, YouTube has some rules, by following the rules you can make money from YouTube. Next, we will give complete information about YouTube.

You have to create your own YouTube account first; if you do not have a Gmail Id then you cannot create an account. For this, first, you have to create a Gmail ID, and then you can create your account on YouTube channel. On which you can put any of your videos.

How to make money from YouTube Videos?

YouTube has some rules if you follow all those principles then you can earn money from YouTube.

How to make money from Google

To make money from YouTube videos, you first need 1000 Subscribe and 4000-watch time on your channel. After completing all this criteria then you can monetize your YouTube channel and after that ads will start coming from Google on your channel, which will be your income, you will see all this in your Google adsense.

This way you can earn good amount of make money from YouTube videos.

Tips to make money from YouTube Videos:

YouTube will give you more money than your more views on YouTube. More views will come only when you upload videos with Trending and Quality videos.

Website and YouTube are both the best easy and popular ways to earn money. Many people earn more money every month in both these ways. If you have a passion for make money from online, then you can create a Website or YouTube channel.

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Earn Money From Blogger or Website:

Website or blog is such a platform where you can earn more money even with less hard work. This is the easiest way to earn money from blogger or website.  Today’s time, many people are earning a lot of money through their website or blog. To create a website, you first have to buy the domain name and to run you need to hosting. Hosting is a platform where you can create a website or blog with the help of both of them.

How to make money from Google

When your website is create, you have to put 15 to 20 posts continuously and that should be unique post, so that you are approve quickly from Google Adsense. When your website will be, verify from Google, and then ads will start on your website from Google, so your income will start.

How to create a Website:

When you select that in which field you want to create a blog or website and what will be the title of your website, how will the content remain on the website? After that, you are ready to create your website or blog.

How to add adsense on blogger or website:

The most important part for Earning from Adsense Account, because Earning create on the website from Google Adsense. It (Make Money from Google Adsense) for this, Google Adsense Account Approve should be on your blog or website.

You will have to apply for ads on the website for Approval, after that wait until approval. When Adense Approve will be done on the website, you can make money by placing ads, when there will be $ 100 earning on your blog or website you can transfer to the bank.

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Make Money from Android Application

You must have used some application in your mobile, but if you have ever noticed, an ad appears in a tab on the bottom or top side of the application. The person whose application is made is earning good money through you people.

In the same way, you too can start earning good by making your own Android application.

However, you have to pay attention to one thing that there are many types of Android applications, but you must think that in today’s time people use such applications, according to which you have to make the application and upload it on Play store. If you do not have an account with Play store, then it does not matter that you can make your application accessible to people through any platform. The more people you run your application, the more Earning you will be.

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