How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

Anyone knows about YouTube, the craze of creating a YouTube channel has been prevalent among the youth. Nowadays, many people lot of earning from YouTube, if you also want to earn money by creating channels on YouTube then read complete information here. However, how to create a YouTube channel and select it as a Career’s option, here we will know everything. How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money.

Know About YouTube

How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

YouTube is a video social media platform created by Google on which millions of videos are upload every minute, as well as through the YouTube Partnership Program, the creators chance to create videos for YouTube and earn through the advertisements. For this, YouTube allows creators to create YouTube Channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel

To create a channel on YouTube, first you need to create an account on Gmail. A Gmail account take advantage of many features of Google, including YouTube, which means you must have a Gmail Id to create a YouTube Channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

If you have a Gmail Id then you can easily create YouTube Channel and you can use both Desktop and Mobile. First of all, open in your Computer or Mobile.

After this, login with your Gmail account, you will see the photo you have used on the right side Gmail account above, click on it.

There you will see a menu where the option of My Channel or Your Channel will be available, select it.

After clicking on My YouTube Channel, a Dialog Box will open, in which use A Business or Other Name write, click on it.

Here you will see options like Product or Brand, Company Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment or Sports, choose one of these options as per your choice.

After this, another window will open in which you have to type the name or brand name of the YouTube Channel, below this you will see the Button of Create. Here, type the name of YouTube Channel as per your choice and click on Create Button.

By doing this, your channel will be created on YouTube where you will see the Creator Studio’s Channel Dashboard.

Right side on the Dashboard, Option of Your Channel seen on which you can customize your YouTube Channel by clicking on it.

Here you will get the option to create YouTube Channel Art and Profile Picture, by which you can make your YouTube Channel a Professional Channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

Channel Tips and Tricks

Before making a channel, make a complete plan on which topic to make a channel and how long you can make a video on the topic you are choosing. You can upload a video on this subject without stopping for the next five years.

Upload your own content to YouTube so that your identity will be made among people, people will know you and you will be protected from Copyright Strike and Copyright Claim, so that your channel will keep its place among the audience for a long time.

Try to keep uploading videos continuously. For this, set a fixe time like once a month, every Sunday, every other day or every time you set a video upload on it, so that the trend of Subscribers towards your channel. In addition, they will know at what time you upload the video

Take special care of two things in the video, first the quality of the video and the second sound quality means that your video should be visible and heard clearly.

Video Thumbnails i.e. the picture you see first on YouTube Video, Attractive

Create so those if anyone on YouTube views Thumbnail of your video, click on it

Make the title of the video short and attractive, along with that it shows what you are going to tell in the video.

Write a description of the video of at least 300 words in which explain in detail about the video what you have covered in the video.

Make a tag according to the description and title that are related to your video and YouTube channel, definitely include the name of your YouTube channel in the tags.

To start the video in a very powerful way means to create curiosity in the mind of the audience within 15 seconds of the introduction of the video, what you want to tell them and how it will be beneficial for them or why they should watch this video.

Intro of Youtube Channel tells you what kind of videos you make or what the theme of your YouTube channel is. Subscriber can understand how powerful the video will be by looking at your Intro. Make Intro 3 attractive but small. This is why branding of your YouTube channel

Do not make YouTube channel with only one subject, after some time you will be short of Topic and every time you have to think before making a video, on which subject to make a video, then keep the subject diverse so that there is no problem in making video. Ho

Initially, the Subscriber that comes to your YouTube Channel should always remain so that you have to understand their choice as to why they have subscriber your YouTube Channel. If you understand what the Subscriber of your YouTube Channel likes then your YouTube Channel Nobody can stop.

Make your video accessible to Subscribers through Social Media Platform so that more and more Subscriber reaches your Video.

Establish a dialogue with your Subscriber, ask them to comment, like to like the video and request to subscribe to the channel.

In the description of the video, make sure to link the related videos and popular videos so that viewers can access your videos more.

To arrange all the videos in your YouTube channel, create a playlist in which to arrange the entire series of similar videos and also give its link in the description of each video, as well as suggest Subscribers about the playlist in the video as well.

Use at least three Hash tags in the description of the video so that your video will come in search

Focus on the response of the subscriber, try to find out what he wants from you and make videos based on it.

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Do not prioritize money when starting a YouTube Channel. The quality of YouTube Channel depends on how much your channel will grow, as well as being a hit and flop of your YouTube Channel depending on the audience like a filmmaker would never. Thinks that his film will be Hit or Flop. He makes a film with full dedication.

All the actors involved in the film also want the film to be like by the audience, but in the end, the decision of the audience is what the film Hit or flop does on YouTube. Hi, when you make a video, prepare the video with full enthusiasm, give your 100%, and learn from your mistakes, if a video or YouTube channel is not running, then look at its shortcomings and keep trying twice.

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