How to clear cache on android phone and benefit

How to clear cache on android phone – What is the function of Cache in Android, and how can you clear it? In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Android Cache. How to Delete Cache? How to clear cache on android phone

There is a lot of storage in your Android Phone which fills up very quickly. The app you use daily creates new files to store any information.

How to remove cache files from android phone

These temporary data files are call Cache, and a large part of the storage of your Android Phones is fill with Cache Files. Here we will know what is the benefit of clearing Cache and how to clear it?

How to clear cache on android phone

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What are the benefits of clearing Cache in Android Phones?

Cache files are necessary, and you should not scrape with them. But manually removing Cache Files from your Phones sometimes proves very useful.

Benefits of clearing Cache in Android Phones:
  • 1. Clearing the Cache in the short term saves a lot of storage space of your phone. But this solution is only temporary, because whenever you use any apps, new Cache Files are created in your phone.
  • 2. Sometimes the old Cache Files get corrupted many times. Due to this you may face problems in using many apps. Deleting corrupted cache files will solve your problem.
  • 3. Security and Privacy are at risk in old Cache Files. Cache web pages in the browser may contain the necessary information. If another person gets access to these files, then they can steal your personal details.
  • 4. If a browser or any other apps does not show you the latest version of a web page, then clearing the Cache forces the browser or App to be updated.

How to clear cache on android phone

In the new version of Android, you will have to delete Cache Files one by one for every Apps. Remember that you do not always need to delete all Cache Files. In many situations, clearing the Cache Files of some Apps solves the problem of storage and performance.

1. Open Settings and select Storage.

2. Now tap on Other Apps from this list. Now you will see all the apps that are installed in your phone.

3. Now select those apps which have a lot of Cached Files. You can select Sort by size by tapping on the three-dot menu seen above on the right, so that you will see which app is taking the most storage of your phone.

4. Now tap on Clear Cache option in App info page.

By doing this you can clear the Cache Files of any phone. If you tap on Clear Storage, then your complete data of that app will be remove. With this, that app will be restart from new.

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What happens after clearing Cache?

After clearing the Cache Files, you will save a lot of storage space, and the app will start working again in a simple way. After some time, according to your Usage, Cache Files will come to your phone again.

How to remove cache files from android phone

After clearing Cache you do not need to login again in any App. Your game progress, browser bookmarks will remain the same as before, nothing will delete your data.

Cleaner Apps require for Cache Files?

There are many apps available in Google PlayStore which claim that they clear unused photos, videos, and cache files from your phones very quickly and quite safely. Although these apps can sometimes prove useful, we will give you some reasons why you should not use these Cleaner Apps.

1. All these apps falsely claim that clearing Cache Files will speed up your phone.

2. All these apps take a lot of storage of your phone, and it always keeps running in the background, so that the performance of your phone starts to slow down.

3. All these apps are full of lots of Ads and In app purchases.

If you use Cleaner Apps, then take special care of it, and if possible, you should not use any Cleaner Apps in your phone. Keep in mind that there is already a very good Cleanup System in your phone, so there is no need to use any third party apps for this work. You can cleanup your old files from your phone by tapping on the free up space from the storage screen.

I hope you know the information about how to clear cache on android phone. If you like this information, then share this information with your friends in WhatsApp group.

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