How to Charge the Laptop Battery

How to charge the laptop Battery – Mostly 2 types of batteries are used in the laptop: they are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. Although both of them use different technologies, but both of them have the same work. It generates power through the movement of both electrons. This flow is needed for good battery health.

How to charge the laptop Battery

How to charge the laptop Battery

1. A Battery Can Never Be Overcharged

There is no danger of overcharge a battery even if you always keep it in the Charge. When your battery reaches 100%, then it stops charging and then it will start again only when its Charge level is low.

2. Completely discharging the battery can cause damage

If your battery remains completely empty for a long time, i.e. 0%, then it goes into deep discharge state. This is very fatal for your battery.

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What Damages Lithium Batteries?

The truth of lithium batteries is that they are inherently unstable. When this battery is ready, its capacity starts decreasing since then, and there are many other reasons for reducing the capacity of the battery:

Charge / Discharge Cycles: Every battery has a finite number of Charge and Discharge. Usually it is 400-500 Cycles. This means that 1 Charge / Discharge Cycles are to reduce your battery from 0% to 100% and then take it from 100% to 0%.

Voltage level: The higher the voltage level, the lower the battery life.

High Temperature, more than 30 Degree Celsius: This causes damage to your battery which can never be repaired.

Should You Always Put Your Laptop In The Charge?

Does keeping the laptop plugged in with the charger at all times cause damage to the battery? The answer is yes, the damage is done. But even by daily charging, there is a slight damage on the battery.

But not everyone has the same idea about whether you should use your laptop plugged in the charger or use it on battery power.

How to charge the laptop Battery

Acer says that if you are not using your laptop, then remove its battery. Asus says that you should drain your battery by 50% once every 2 weeks. Dell says that there is no problem in putting your laptop in the Charge at all times. Apple’s advice is no longer available on their website, but you can read it online. The company says that your laptop should not always be kept in the Charge.

There is no short term damage by keeping the laptop always in charge. But if you always use it only on AC power, then you will see that after one year your battery capacity has reduced to a great extent. And apart from this, if you use your laptop only on battery power, then your battery discharge cycles will be very fast.

So the best solution for this is that you should make a compromise between these two: Some days you should use your laptop on battery power, and some days you should use it only by applying it in the Charge. But whatever you do, you should make sure that it does not get too hot.

So all these are the best laptop charging rules and How to charge the laptop Battery. You should charge your laptop in this way. How to charge the laptop Battery

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