How to Charge a Phone Faster 5 Simple Way to Charge

How to Charge a Phone Faster – We are face the problem of low battery or dead battery, when we are outside in the house in 5-7 hours and our phone battery is low or dead. However, we can fast charge the battery of our phone using several methods.

Note: This method only works in iphone and android Smartphone.

How to Charge a Phone Faster

1. Put the phone in Airplane Mode while Charging

Your phone’s network uses a lot of battery which includes cellular, Bluetooth, radio, and Wi-Fi services. Even if you are not using these services, it still keeps running in the background, due to which your phone is very battery low.

Even when you charge your phone, all these services use the battery power of your phone, which takes more time to charge the phone.

While charging the phone, you should enable Airplane Mode, which will shut down all Network Service. By keeping the phone in Airplane Mode, it is decided that your phone will be charged faster than before.

How to Charge a Phone Faster

Note: Remember that when your phone is in Airplane Mode, then you cannot call anyone or you will not be able to get any phone. Also you will not be able to use internet.

2. Switch off the phone before charging

When you start charging your phone, the background programs keep running. For example, Wi-Fi connection, incoming calls, messages, music, and apps drain the phone’s battery, so that your phone is not able to charge fast.

When you switch off your phone, then all the background programs are turned off, so that your battery charges faster.

How to Charge a Phone Faster  Instantly

3. Charge the phone in Wall Socket

Many people charge their phone in the car or from their laptop. But charging the phone in the car or from your laptop charges slower than charging in the wall socket. The power output of a car and computer is usually .5 amps, and the power output of the Wall Socket is up to 1 amps.

5. Charge your phone with Quality Cable

The more amps the cable has, the more you will get Charging Speed. If you are using third-party cable or a lower-quality standard cable, then you will not be able to charge your phone as fast. The cable inside is dependent on 2 wires how fast your phone will charge. A simple 28-gauge cable has 0.5 amps, but a higher-quality 24-gauge cable has up to 2 amps of power.

If you feel that your phone is not charging fast with your default USB cable, then you should take a new 24-gauge cable. Although it will cost you a little bit, it will also benefit you a lot.

6. Do not use your phone while charging

If your device is connected to a wall socket, and if you are using your phone while charging, then you are putting pressure on your battery. And by doing this, your phone will charge very slowly. While using the phone, do not use it at all. Charge your phone after switching it off as we said above.

So this the 5 simple way to charge How to Charge a Phone Faster. If you like this article share your friends and family.

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