How to Big File Transfer Online Free

We use email to send many documents and media files. The email size limit of many email services is only 25 MB and for this reason it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to send large files through email. Fortunately, there are many solutions to this problem. Below we are going to tell the  best ways to Big File Transfer Online Free.

Big File Transfer Online

Big File Transfer Online

01. JumboMail: Best Big File Transfer Online

JumboMail is the Best Free Email Alternatives to Share Large Files. JumboMail is a very good tool by which we can share large files by email attachment and for this we do not even need to signup for any other email address.

From JumboMail website, any person can send email from their old email account and for this you do not  need to create an account. Here the limit of email attachments is 2 GB, which is enough for most people. You can also increase that limit to 20 GB by signing up for $12 monthly membership.

What we liked about JumboMail:

  • Free users get an email size limit of 2 Gb.
  • Here you can send emails without signing up.
  • Attaching files and sending emails is quite easy.

What we didn’t like about JumboMail:

  • Users only get the download link of the files.
  • The download page may look a bit strange in the beginning.

02. Degoo:

The Best Alternative Big File Transfer Online to Cloud Storage Service.

Most people must have heard and used OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Along with this, there are many alternative cloud storage platforms that you can use.

One of them is Degoo, in which you will not get features like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, but here you get the benefit of more storage.

100 GB of free storage space is available in Degoo. Those who want more storage can take the Monthly Plan of $3 where they will get 500 GB of storage or can take the Monthly Plan of $9 where they will get 10 TB of storage. Most people must have heard and used OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Along with this, there are many alternative cloud storage platforms that you can use.

What we liked about Degoo:

  • Free users get more storage limit.
  • You will get its App in Android and IOS Device.

What we didn’t like about Degoo:

Degoo’s official desktop apps are not available.

03. MediaFire: Oldest Cloud Service

MediaFire is a very good and very old cloud service which was established in 2006. 10 GB of storage is available in Free MediaFire accounts, but if you get your friends to signup in this service then your limit will increase.

Here the limit for individual file sizes is 4 GB, which is quite good. And this much storage is enough to share HD and 4K videos with your friends and relatives.

What we liked about MediaFire:

  • Free users get great support and also get a lot of storage.
  • There is a lot of great MediaFire Apps in Android and iOS.
  • What we didn’t like about MediaFire:
  • Native OS integration is not provided in MediaFire.

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04. Telegram: Best Messaging App to Send Big File Transfer Online

Telegram is a popular messaging app known for its privacy and security and it is also known for sharing large files.

In Whatsapp we can share files up to 100 MB and in Facebook Messenger we can share files up to 25 MB, but with Telegram you can share files up to 2 GB.

Using Telegram is absolutely 100% free and there are many Telegram Apps which you can use in Mobile and Computer. Big File Transfer Online

What we liked about Telegram:

  • Using Telegram is absolutely free.
  • Telegram’s 2GB file size limit proves to be very useful.
  • What we didn’t like about Telegram:
  • Convincing Non-Techie Contacts to use Telegram is a bit tricky.

05. YouTube: The Best Place to Send Big Videos to Your Friends and Relatives

YouTube is not just a video service, but it is a great tool to upload, store and share your video files. You can upload 128 GB or up to 12 hours of video in YouTube.

YouTube has an easy privacy setting so that you can decide who will watch your video. You can make the video completely private or public. It is also very easy to share the link of Youtube Videos.

What we liked about YouTube:

  • Using YouTube is absolutely free.
  • Supports video files up to 128 GB in YouTube.

What we didn’t like about YouTube:

You have to take good care of the Privacy Settings of Youtube so that your Media Files cannot be seen as Public because you have made that video private and you do not want to show it to any other person.

We hope that you must have come to know about How to Share Big Files.

6. Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox: Most Popular Cloud Service

Sending big file transfer online through Cloud Service is the same in almost all platforms. All you have to do is that you have to upload your files to any folder of your Cloud Account, and you can send the link of that file and folder to anyone through email or direct message.

We have a number of cloud services to choose from, but most people use Onedrive for Windows and Office 365, Google Drive for Android and Google support, and for other operating systems and ease of use. Uses Dropbox.

Most people use 2 or more cloud storage accounts so that they can take advantage of its free storage plans, or use one for their work, one for their personal use, and one for their friends. And for relatives. 2 GB free storage is available in Dropbox, 5 GB free storage is available in Onedrive and 15 GB free storage is available in Google Drive.

What we liked about these cloud services:

  • Installing and using Dropbox on all devices is quite easy.
  • Cloud storage is best for Business and Consumers.
  • You can backup your files using Cloud Storage.

What we did not like about these Cloud Services:

  • Dropbox’s 2 GB Free Limit is very less for those who have a lot of video files.
  • Manual syncing is required to transfer files in Onedrive.

07. Facebook: The Best Place for Unlimited Photo Storage

Most people think that Facebook is just a website or app where we can pass time, but it is a service where we can big file transfer online with our friends and relatives. You can upload countless photos to Facebook account for free, which is why Facebook is one of the best online photo upload sites in the world.

With this you can also upload Unlimited Video Files here, just each video should be less than 45 minutes and should be less than 1.75 GB in size. Access to photos and videos in Facebook is completely customized, because here you can make specific files public or private.

What we liked about Facebook:

  • Anyone can upload countless photos to Facebook account for free.
  • The limit of video length of 45 minutes is enough for most people.

What we did not like about Facebook:

Great privacy settings have been given in Facebook, but you have to know about all its settings.

Big File Transfer Online

08. ZIP Files: The Easiest Way to Compress

With ZIP Files, we can reduce the size of any files, and can transfer from one device to another or even send in email. The process of creating a ZIP file, and adding a file to it, is called Zipping. It supports Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems, as well as many first party apple apps within iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Many files can be added to a ZIP folder, with the help of which you will be able to organize many items, and you will be able to protect the contents of ZIP files with a password.

The biggest disadvantage of ZIP files is that its file size reduction is very small. So you may face problem in this, if you want to send 10 GB video in email, and it has size limit of 25 MB only.

What we liked about ZIP Files:

  • ZIP Files works in all main operating systems and apps.
  • Creating ZIP Files is very easy and there is an option of password security.

What we didn’t like about ZIP Files:

  • It is not that helpful in reducing the size of large files.
  • ZIP Files can be a bit annoying to the contacts that are not well aware of this thing.

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