How Internet Browser Cookies Works

While all of Google Android operating systems start with the name of the food item, but another name related to the world of Internet is the important name, which is, relate to the food item and that is cookies. It is a subtle but very useful thing. So let us know what is this cookies.


What is a cookies?

When you are surfing on any browser like – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, Internet is use directly in words, and then your Browser secretly stores the information about Surfing done by you. Like which keyword you use or which site you are interest. Your browser saves all these information as small text files. These text files are call cookies.

How does a cookies work

As we told you that your Browser saves cookies as small text files, this text file is send to your wave server as a statement every time you open a site or directly the words request the page. Web servers to identify data use cookies.

Google also uses cookies to reach you the ads you see on Google Adsense are shows according to your information and preferences only. Google AdSense shows you ads only based on the information collected by your cookies.

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