What is Google Kormo Jobs India and Benefit

Google Kormo Jobs – Friends, due to this Corona epidemic, more than 12 crore people have lost their jobs. You would know a lot of people were unemployed even before this corona. After this, Corona came and the people who had jobs also lost their jobs. Google has recently launched a new app call “Google Kormo Jobs”.

Google Kormo Jobs

Through this app you can get your favorite job sitting at home. You do not need to pay any money to get a job. In this app, you can get the job of your favorite by registering and creating your account. Today in this post, we will get complete information about Google Kormo Jobs.

You can get a job in any field through this Google app. There are many applications for IT Jobs, where you can apply for online jobs according to your skill. Till now, there are no such applications that give you a job in every field for free. Google Kormo Jobs, App is the latest Launch Career Application for the people.

What is Google Kormo Jobs App?

This is Smartphone Job Portal App where you get a job from IT to Cooking. This is an Integrated Job Portal where many company jobs will be available. This app is specially designed for India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The main objective of this app is that you can get jobs according to your skill. To register in Google Kormo Jobs App and do not have to pay any kind of charge for getting a job, it is absolutely free.

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Jobs Categories in Google Kormo Jobs App

  • Design
  • Cooking
  • Administrative work
  • Management
  • Serve Customers
  • Speak to Clients
  • Driving
  • Work with IT
  • Research & Analytics
  • Manual Work
  • Machine operation
  • Computer / IT Support

These are the categories of all jobs. You can apply for jobs according to your category and according to your location. Let’s know the whole process how to apply for a job through Google Kromo Jobs, App.

How do you apply for Google Kormo Jobs App?

Google Kormo Jobs

Through this app, you can get jobs at any location. Let’s know step by step how to apply for jobs?

Step 1: – First of all you have to open the Play Store on your mobile and search and download Kormo Jobs. After this you have to sign up with your Gmail account. You will not have any problem in signing up, because it is a Google product.

Step 2: – Now a new dashboard will open in front of you, where many jobs category will be seen. Such as Design, Cooking, Driving, IT Work, Computer, Machine Operation, Administrative Work, Management etc.

Step 3: – Now you can continue by choosing any category according to your skill and desire. After continuing, you have to enter the location where you are looking for employment. You can choose any job location as per your wish.

Step 4: – When you select the location, the names of all the companies present in that location will appear before you. You have to click on the company in which you want to get jobs.

Step 5: – After clicking on the company, all the details relate to the job of that company will be revealing to you.  The company name, Address, Experience, Salary, Qualifications, Interview Date etc. information relate to the jobs will be given by the company.

Step 6: – If you like this job, then you can apply by clicking Apply Button.

Step 7: – After clicking Apply Button, now you have to enter your name, mobile number, address and click on Continue button.

Step 8: – Now you have to upload your CV. If you want, you can also manually enter all your details like Experience, Qualifications, and Hobbies etc.

Friends, in this way you can apply for the desired job through Google Kormo Jobs App. You will have to give an interview by going to the address given by the company or you can give an interview through WhatsApp, Video Calling.

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 Benefits of Google Kormo Jobs App

Google Kormo Jobs

1. Through this app, you can get a job at the desired location.

2. Through this app, you can find any job you want in any field.

3. Through this app, you can give interviews at home, video calling on WhatsApp and calling.

4. There is no charge for the job through this app, it is absolutely free service.

5. You can see how much rupees per month salary you will get for your desired job.

LinkedIn Vs Kormo Jobs

Prior to this, Google has shared a lot of jobs in its search engine with job portals, including LinkedIn, Fresher world, IBMTalent Management Solutions etc. The most popular portal in all these Job Portal is LinkedIn.

With the arrival of Google’s Kormo Jobs App, there will be a direct competition from Linkedin. Kormo Jobs Vs LinkedIn now let’s sees who wins. Although Linkedin is at the forefront, many young people trust it.

What did you learn today?

Friends, I hope you have come to know the complete information about Google Kormo Jobs App. If you like this information, then share this information with your friends in WhatsApp group. If you have any question, do not forget to comment Thank you.

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