FAUG Gameplay Guide How to Play FAUG Game

FAUG Gameplay Guide – After a long wait FAU-G game Launched in January 26 2021. The game was announced by Indian company nCore Games in September 2020. Since then its most awaited game in India. This action game is based on the Indian Army.

FAUG Gameplay

It is built on the incident of a clash between Indian and Chinese forces in the Galvan Valley last year. Let us show you how to play FAU-G (fearless and united guards)

FAUG Gameplay Guide

  • 1. Download and install FAU-G in your phone.
  • 2. Once installed, open the game and after tapping on Play, click on Start.
  • 3. Now there will be an animated video play, in which the game’s intro has been given. On the right side, there will be the option of Skip at the top. If you want, you can watch the video or skip it.
  • 4. Now the game will start and you will get the character of the jawan of the Indian Army. Option to move on the left side of the screen and weapon option in yellow color next to it, while the option of hitting (like punch) in the right side will be available. At the same time, the green strip at the top left side shows your energy and the level at the right side is the information.
FAUG Gameplay

FAUG Gameplay Level

This game is in four levels. After every level there will be an animated video play, which you can skip. Time is set for each level. If you did not cross the level in the specified time, the mission will fail. As you cross the level, the game gets tufted.

The time fixed for the level on the screen and the direction information is available to proceed further.

According to the level you cross, you will get silver coins in the game. These will be used to upgrade silver coin characters and weapons.

FAUG Gameplay

If you move through the move option, then the characters of the Chinese army will be seen. They attack you, before you start killing them.

You will keep moving forward, killing the Chinese army. If you get hurt, your energy will be reduced, the information about which will be available from the green bar above.

FAUG Gameplay Weapons

You can use your weapons during battle. For this, you have to tap on the weapon option.

FAUG Gameplay

These weapons die automatically after a limited time when the weapon is used during battle. After this you can take your enemy’s weapon. For this, you just have to stand near that weapon. You can only have two weapons at a time.

After killing the enemy, when you move forward, fire (bonfire) will appear on the way, where you can increase your energy by sitting. You will get information about the health recovery when the energy is full.

FAUG Gameplay

On the way during the mission you will see many things including tents, carts and accessories, which you have nothing to do. Weapons and fire are for your use throughout the mission.

Always keep in mind one thing, in the game you keep hitting the enemy continuously. Also, keep in mind that the enemy should not kill you even once. This will increase your chances of completing your mission.

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