Difference Between Desktop computer and Laptop ?

Difference between desktop computer and laptop – Do you want to buy a computer, and you do not understand which computer is right for you. Should You Take a Laptop or Should You Take a Desktop? For this, you should know everything about the advantages and disadvantages of Laptop and Desktop. In this article complete information about what is the Difference between desktop computer and laptop.

Difference between desktop computer and laptop

Difference Between Desktop Computer and Laptop

1. Price

Desktop: There are many types of components of desktop (its internal product) are available in the market, so the price of Desktop can be very high according to your requirement. But we can get Desktop at very low cost. Desktop’s full package (computer and monitor) can get us up to $ 300- $ 400 and it can also be a very powerful system.

Laptop: Many types of components (its accessories) are present in the market in laptop, but it is quite limited compared to Desktop. If you want a powerful laptop that has high speed, good graphics, and more storage space, then that laptop can cost $ 1500 or more.

2. Processor

Desktop: The Processor size of Desktop is slightly larger, but it also has the advantage that the Processor of Desktop is more powerful than Processor of a Laptop. The new Advanced Processor that comes in the market is first given in the Desktop Computer itself.

Laptop: The Processor of the laptop is also slowly matching the Processor of the Desktop, but the Laptop Processor is quite limited compared to the Desktop Processor. The performance of Gaming Laptops can also be equal to a desktop, but you will have to spend more money for a laptop.

3. Internal Storage

Desktop: More than one Internal Drives can be installed in desktop computer.

Laptop: Laptop computers usually have only one internal drive. If you need more internal storage then you will have to replace the drive.

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4. Screen Size

Desktop: Desktop Monitors can be 19 Inch or greater. A desktop can also be connected to a TV, so that screen can be as big as a TV.

Laptop: The screen size of a laptop is usually from 10 to 17 Inch. The laptop can also be connected to any external display and it can work with any size screen, projector or monitor.

5. Power Usage

Desktop: Desktop Computer uses more power than a laptop. There is a higher wattage power supply, which has to power supply to many components and monitors inside the computer. Suppose if Power Cut is done, then the documents you are working on will probably not be saved.

Laptop: Laptop uses less power than a desktop. The laptop has small components, so the laptop requires less power. Battery is given in the laptop and if there is power cut then the laptop will never switch off. Difference between desktop computer and laptop.

6. Upgrading

Desktop: We can remove most of the components of Desktop, which makes it very easy to upgrade. Desktop Cases are very large, due to which there is a lot of space inside. And in it we can add or remove hardware, use tools and organize Cables.

Laptop: Only Memory and Hard Drive can be upgraded in Laptop. The remaining components are either built in and cannot be removed. Apart from memory and hard drive, if you have to upgrade anything, then you have to get a new laptop.

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7. Gaming

Desktop: Desktop can use very high-powered video cards, which require more power. Usually any video cards can be used in desktop, and 2 or more video cards can also be used at one time. That’s why Gaming’s performance in Desktop is always great.

Laptop: Physical space in the laptop is very less, due to which the capacity of Graphics is reduced. Good Gaming can be done in High End Laptops. Power is also quite limited, which does not provide the facility of video cards, which is required to run High Wattage in Gaming. Difference between desktop computer and laptop.

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8. Repair

Desktop: Desktop Computer is very easy to repair, as most of the desktop hardware can be purchased from a local computer retail store.

Laptop: Repairing the laptop can be a bit difficult for most users, and we have to call the computer manufacturer for its parts or order from other online sites. Difference between desktop computer and laptop.

In the end, your final decision depends on your need. From the chart above, you will be aware that Desktop Computers are better, but if you want portability, then laptop is right for you. There is a Difference between desktop computer and laptop, but for most users it will not make much difference.

Desktop is good for good performance, but if you travel more than laptop is the right choice for you. If you want some more information about difference between laptop and desktop, you can comment and ask. Difference between desktop computer and laptop.

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