How convert to smart tv normal to smart tv

How convert to smart tv – The market is now full of smart TVs. But many have fallen in love with the old TV. How many memories. Apart from this, you can’t just buy a new TV. Where the economy is booming, it is not possible to buy a TV if you want. Is that the way?

Convert to Smart TV

how to convert a normal tv to smart tv
convert to smart tv

In this case you can use TV stick. Various companies have come up with TV sticks to make your ordinary TV smart. For example, Amazon’s ‘Fire TV Stick’. Things that look like a big pen-drive. Comes with a remote. The remote is ‘Alex Voice Remote’.

Fire TV Stick

It is possible to do voice search. The remote has power, volume and mute buttons. If you have an HDMI port on your TV, you just have to push the TV stick to make it look like a pen-drive. However, if you do not have this port, it is possible to connect it with the help of a converter. However, your TV must be able to run a ‘TV stick’. Four can now stream video with the Fire TV Stick.

This time if you have internet in your house, the TV is connect to it. Here are some pre-loaded OTTs like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star. Subscribe to your favorite OTT. The advantage of smart TV is in the palm of your hand this time convert to smart tv.

Another advantage is that many apps can be side-loaded separately. You can also use the micro USB port on the stick for various purposes. It is also possible to do ‘VPN’ here. One problem is you can’t play any videos from your mobile or tab here.

Google Chromecast

There is also Google Chromecast. A round or pen drive-like object. It also connects to your TV via USB. However, there will be no remote with it. Its main work is to cast videos from your smartphone to the TV.

how to convert a normal tv to smart tv
convert to smart tv

As a result, having ‘OTT’ apps on your smartphone can also be seen on your TV. However, there is no separate software in Google Chromecast. As a result, you can’t side load any app here. And HD video can be seen here. If you want to watch the video on 4K, you have to buy a better version.

MI TV Stick

The new addition to the market for this TV stick is ‘MI TV Stick’. It’s a direct competitor to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. Looks a lot the same. It also has a remote. Also comes with a micro USB port. This remote has the facility of ‘Google Voice Search’.

There are many apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also download the app as need. Because, Google Play Store is also available here. However, you cannot stream 4K videos here.

However only full HD video can be seen here and no mute button on the remote. In a word, if it is install on the TV, the TV will become like an Android TV convert to smart tv. In one place this stick is ahead of the fire stick. That is, video can be broadcast here. This time you can watch on your TV from your mobile or tab. Your television set also became that smart from this time!

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