Buying Guide for Split AC

Buying guide for split acLike every year, the heat will increase very fast, in such a situation, you must be thinking about buying a new AC. So today we will know some tips which will help you while doing AC Buy.

When you go to a nearby Shop or Retailer to buy AC, those people ask some questions like this and tell the specification of AC.

Many of you would be aware of them and would buy AC from them by specifying according to their needs.

Buying guide for split ac

But many people do not know much about these Specification of AC and they are not able to answer the questions of Shopkeeper or Retailer.

After that, the Retailer of his choice in which he has more profit, by telling the same AC right, he starts speaking to you to take AC.

So friends today, we will talk on this topic, buying guide for split ac and will know what kind and in which specification you should buy AC.

Buying Guide for Split AC

How AC Works

There are some important parts in AC, such as Compressor, Condenser, Valves, Evaporator and all these parts are completely connected to the tubing system.

There are some Blowers in between. The tube which is fitted in AC, contains a gas which we know as Freon, and this gas acts as a refrigerant.

Compressor compresses freon gas into liquid. After that this gas cools down a lot, after that when other air comes in contact with this gas, it also cools down from its coolness and thus our room cools down.

This is the information about how AC works, now know further what things you should keep in mind while buying AC and which specification you should buy according to your needs.

Which is better Window AC or Split AC?

Window AC

It is clear from the name that the window AC is a long unit which is fitted in your window in such a way that it fits perfectly in your window.

While fitting, it is kept that half of the AC is outside the window and half of it is inside the window i.e. your room.

Buying guide for split ac

In this way, by fitting the AC, take the hot air from outside, i.e. from outside the window, condense and cool it and give it to your room, so that your room cools down.

There are some rooms that do not have windows, or there are windows but if you do not want to block them, then Split AC is used in those places.

Split AC

Split AC means that the AC has been cut from the middle and divided into two units, one part is call Indoor Unit and the other part is call Outdoor Unit.

You can put the outdoor unit on the roof of the house or behind the window because it needs open space and you can put the indoor unit in the room inside the house.

From Indoor Unit to Outdoor Unit, a pipeline is laid which connects these two to each other.

Buying guide for split ac

Nowadays most of the people prefer to buy Split AC, although it is a bit expensive than Window AC, but then people are drawn towards Split AC.

Because to install Window AC, window has to be blocked and if your room does not have a window then it will not be able to fit, so Split AC has more Demand in the market.

If you want Noise Less AC that does not make noise at all, then you should definitely buy Split AC.

So when you decide which AC you want to buy, then it comes to how many TON AC should be taken.

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Buying guide for split ac

How much Ton AC should you take?

See AC comes in different TONs in different algae sizes, if talked about AC of 1 TON, then if you have AC of 1 TON inside a room, then it means that this AC will give the same coolness in that room. , As much as 1 TON of ice will cool it when kept in that room.

It is not that you put more TON AC in a small room because by applying it, you will get colder more quickly, but electricity will also be more.

Now how many TON ACs will be best for such a large room. When you buy AC, you should first see the size of your room in which you want to get AC

If your room is less than 100 Square ft, then half AC of TON will be best for you, if your room is 100-150 Square ft, then you should take AC of 1 TON.

Room SizeHow much AC of TON?Power in Mathematical terms
Less than 100 Square fthalf TON (1/2 TON) 6000 BTU/Hours.
100-150 Square ft1 TON12000 BTU/Hours.
150-200 Square ft1.5 TON18000 BTU/Hours.
200-250 Square ft2 TON24000 BTU/Hours.

Which Type of AC should you take?

Now we talk about Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC, so see if you want to run AC for longer then you should take Inverter AC only.

Before getting to know about Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC, let’s talk about how these two work.

Suppose I set the Non-Inverter AC to 25 degrees, then the Compressor installed in it will start working and leave the room temperature up to 24-25 degrees after which the Automatically compressor will turn off.

Now again the temperature of the room will increase gradually, then the sensors fitted in the AC which will measure the temperature and turn its Compressor back on.

So in this way your Compressor will be closed and running again and more energy will be spent.

But the Compressor installed in Inverter AC works in such a way that when you set it to 25 degrees, then its Compressor will start working quickly.

But as soon as the room temperature falls between 24-25, then the compressor will not shut down, but its speed will be reduced and it will run regularly by maintaining its own speed and 25 degree temperature.

So this way your electricity will also be saved

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Buying guide for split ac

How much Star Rating AC do you need?

Often people think that more Star Rating means more, but when buying AC, you should also take special care of it.

Yes, it is right, that ACs with higher Star rating spend less electric, so electricity bill does not come much.

But whenever you go to buy AC, then definitely see how long you have to use AC because if you will use AC for 4-5 hours, then there is no need to spend more money by taking AC with 5 Star Rating.

You can also take AC with 2 or 3 Star Rating. Because now if you run 2 or 3 star AC for 4-5 hours every day, then you will not have to pay much special bill.

So the thing is clear, if you want to run more AC then you should take AC with higher star rating, and if you will run AC less then you should take AC with lower star rating.

Buying guide for split ac

Remotely accessed AC

Nowadays, remotely accessible AC available in the market, which you can control through your Smartphone or Remote.

For example, if you are coming home from Office and want your room to be cool, then just turn on your AC with your Smartphone and set it to what degree it is to run. Your room will be completely cool. Actually, all this technology and the Internet is amazing.

After knowing all this, there is another very important thing that you should keep in mind while taking AC.

And that is it, the condenser coil in the AC that you are buying, it should be only and only copper.

Aluminum Coil V / S Copper Coil: AC

When you go to get AC in the market, then the shopkeeper gives you AC with Aluminum Condenser in the name of less price.

Buying guide for split ac

You have to take AC with Copper Coil. Aluminum Coil Repairing Cost is very high.

Maintenance Charge is also high, his life does not last long, that is to say, after one or two years, when his warranty is over, then it can be bad.

But those ACs with copper coil, they give long life, their repairing cost is also very low, and it does not spoil too quickly.

So the only thing is that you only have to take AC of Copper Coil. Do not take AC of Aluminum Coil.

Now after knowing all this, you can decide which one and which configuration you have to take AC.

Buying guide for split ac

Which company Buying AC?

Which company you have to take AC, see two, which company has already made a hold in the market, it is a matter of fact that AC of that company will be slightly more expensive than other company.

Because they spend money on advertisement and their service is also good.

See the company whose service is good in your area, that is, in case of any problem in the AC, the company provides the service as soon as possible.

You should buy the AC of the same company, you will go to the market and ask a shopkeeper that the home service of which company is good, then say it to you, otherwise you will have to find out by yourself.

Anyway, now I am sure that you will definitely be able to buy your favorite AC in your budget and you will not have any problem nor will you be confused when the shopkeepers ask you questions.

I hope that this post will be liked buying guide for split ac. And now after reading this, you will also be able to buy a better AC for yourself.

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