8 Best Plugin For WordPress Free

If you have a WordPress website, then you must be thinking that which is the best WordPress Plugins List Free, which is very important for us.

best plugin for wordpress free

So without wasting time let’s know about the best plugin for wordpress free.

Best Plugin For WordPress Free List

1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

SEO Plugin is very important for any WordPress blog to rank higher in Search Engine. With this you get Free Traffic from Search Engine.

It is very important to have this plugin in all WordPress blogs. There is no other Free SEO Plugin which is as powerful as it.

With this one plugin, you can see all your On Site and Off Page SEO. Both Free and Pro version of this plugin is available.

2. Jetpack

People working in WordPress have a hand in creating this plugin and it is one of the most maintained WordPress plugins.

You can do all these things with Jetpack WordPress plugin:

1.Contact form can be added.

2. Page Views can be tracked.

3. When your site is down, then you will get Notification.

4. Social sharing buttons are available in this so that readers can share your post.

5. It shows other posts related to your post, which increases engagement and decreases Bounce Rate.

6. Backups your blog daily using Vaultpress.

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3. Akismet

WordPress Comment Spam is such a thing that is seen in many blogs.

When you start a WordPress blog, then you must have got to see such comments. You do not need to be too happy with all these comments. All these are mostly Spam Comments.

“I love your blog. You’ve got an excellent writing style.”

“Your writing style is excellent and I have subscribed to your blog.”

“Wow! This is so informative!”

By checking the URL of all these, you will know that all these are Spammy Site.

Akismet is an official WordPress plugin that protects you from Spam Comments.

This plugin should be installed first in any new blog. Your new blog will have WordPress commenting feature and if you do not use this plugin then your blog can be spammed. These Spammers put their links in your articles, they are neither interested in your blog nor in your articles.

Whatever comments, spam this plugin feels, it itself puts it in the Trash. This plugin is absolutely necessary for any WordPress blog. Meaning this plugin must be in your WordPress blog.

4. PushEngage

PushEngage is a very needy plugin to bring more traffic to your blog. With this, the readers of your blog can subscribe to your blog. It adds web push technology, and users using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers get a notification to subscribe to your blog.

After that, whenever you publish a new post, then your Subscribers will get a notification of your new post. And this will let the users know that a new post has been published in your blog.

5. Social Snap

Social bookmarking has become a big ranking factor for SEO.

To get more shares, you have to set the social sharing buttons of your blog in a good place. And when users see this option at the right time, then its expectation increases a lot that they will share your post.

Social Snap is the best social media sharing plugin. It adds sharing buttons to both desktop and mobile sites.

It supports all these platforms:





Pinterest (direct on the image)

There’s more to reddit

6. WordFence Plugin

It is very important for you to keep your WordPress blog safe.

There are many such security-related WordPress Plugin that you can use.

But Wordfence is one of the best security plugins that protects your blog from hackers. With this plugin, it is ensured that your blog cannot be hacked.

7. OptinMonster

It is very important to have an email list in any blog.

OptinMonster is considered to be one of the best WordPress Plugins List Free for Email List.

In this plugin, you get many advanced features such as A/B testing, geolocation targeting, conditional pop-ups and also email subscription forms for mobile sites.

8. Broken Link Checker

Broken Links are the Dead Ends of any Search Engines and it is like suicide for SEO of your website.

Broken Link Checker is a free plugin that detects broken links by continuously scanning your blog and allows you to fix them in one click.

This plugin also does not send pings to your site when you publish your own post with a link to your post.

All these plugins are not only necessary for your site, but it is the top choice for any WordPress sites.

All this adds many functionalities to your site and also adds many features to your WordPress blog, which increases both the user experience and admin experience of your blog.

Now you must have known about the best WordPress Plugins List Free. Do you know about any other WordPress Plugins which is a must have in every WordPress Blog. Do let us know by commenting.

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