Best Fantasy Cricket App 2021 | Win Real Money in Playing Games

Yes, I am talking about that Best Fantasy Cricket App in which you can win thousands of money by making your team and investing at least 1 rupee.

Along with this, you can also transfer your winning money to your account and you can use that money according to you.

So if you also want to earn thousands of money by playing fantasy cricket game in your mobile then definitely read this article Best Fantasy cricket App Games till the end.

What is Fantasy App Games and How to play it?

Fantasy App is a type of game where you have to collect points in it. In this, we create a virtual team for our virtual cricket team or other sports.

In the team, we have to add those players of our choice who are going to perform well and score more in the next match. Or we think he will play well.

When the real match starts, and in that match the players selected by us score well or take more wickets then we get points.

With the help of the same point, we get ranking and the better the ranking, the more money we get.

Actually, in this Fantasy Cricket, we use our mind and knowledge to tell which team will be the winner, and which players of which team will give better performance.

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Best Fantasy Cricket App & Games List

  • SL            Fantasy App/Game         Joining Bonus
  • 1              Dream11                              Rs 100
  • 2              My11Circle                          Rs. 1500
  • 3              Howzat                                Rs. 3000
  • 4              MPL                                     Rs. 25
  • 5              MyTeam 11                        Rs 100
  • 6              PayTM First Game           Rs. 50
  • 7              BalleBaazi                            Rs 50

Dream11 | 1st Best Fantasy Cricket App

Best Fantasy Cricket App

Dream11 is India’s oldest and best fantasy app. The number of people using this app is more than 100 million.

In Dream11 App, you get a chance to win money from sports other than cricket as well as there are Multi Play Challenges in it which makes Dream11 App better than other fantasy apps.

In Dream11 app, you can earn lakhs of rupees with the help of your cricket game information, your luck and your intelligence.

For this, you have to download and install Dream11 App by clicking on the button below and create an account on it.

Creating a team in Dream11 and joining the contest, you can win a lot of money.

You can also transfer the money you have won to your bank account, for this you will need a PAN card.

MPL | 2nd Best Fantasy Cricket App

Best Fantasy Cricket App

The full form of MPL is Mobile Premier League. By investing money in MPL Game App, you can earn a lot of money by using your intelligence and brain.

You can easily get your winning money in your bank account through Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay and Bank Transfer.

The brand ambassador of MPL Fantasy App is Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team.

In MPL app you can play more than 60 games and make your team in them and earn thousands of money.

My11Circle | 3rd Best Fantasy Cricket App

Best Fantasy Cricket App

The brand ambassador of My11Circle app is Sourav Ganguly. You must know Sourav Ganguly who has been the former captain of the Indian cricket team.

The special thing about this app is that you can win a reward of up to Rs 1 crore by investing Re 1 in it. This time in IPL season 2021, this app is really making a splash.

In My11Circle App also you create a team of 11 players using your brain and when the team created by you performs well then you get reward.

HOWZAT | 4th Best Fantasy Cricket App

Best Fantasy Cricket App

Howzat App is India’s most played fantasy app. currently; HowZat has more than 7 million active users and 1.5 billion followers on Facebook.

The Brand Ambassador of HOWZAT App is Indian Cricketer Irfan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh. About which you must know very well.

The special thing about this app is that you can earn 5 times more money by investing money in this app and defeating Legends i.e. big players.

MyTeam11 | 5th Best Fantasy Cricket App

This is also a great Fantasy Cricket App Game which is exactly like Dream11. In this also you have to prepare a team of your own and in it 11 players have to be added according to their choice.

There is one special thing in MyTeam11 which is different and better than Dream11 and that is that in this you are given a chance to select both Clubs and Team which increases your winning chances even more.

In MyTeam 11 you also get some Free Leagues Offers in which you can make some money by placing bets. Click on the button below to download this app.

PayTM First Games | 6th Best Fantasy Cricket App

Best Fantasy Cricket App

You must have used the PayTM app for recharge and other bill payments. Now Paytm has also launched its fantasy app.

Whose name is PayTM First Games the brand ambassador of this app is Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket.

You can easily win Rs 10 crore by investing money in PayTM First Games app and also transfer it to your account.

BalleBaazi | 7th Best Fantasy Cricket App

The BalleBaazi App 2018 was lunched and more than 1 million downloads of BalleBaazi App have been completed.

Yuvraj Singh is its brand ambassador and you must have seen the ad during the cricket match to UV promoting this app.

In BalleBazi App also you have to create a virtual team, by creating a team, you can participate in multi league matches through your team.

If your virtual team created by you performs well then you will get more points. By getting more points, your rank will also rise and you will get more money.

My thoughts about Fantasy App!

Friend, according to me………. I would suggest you that instead of putting your mind in such fantasy game, study and do well and become a big man.

You also make app and website, earn money through it. Believe me; you will not be able to become a millionaire by investing a small amount in these small games.

But yes one thing is for sure, if you get into the habit of investing money in fantasy apps, then you will definitely become a poor and that too in a few days.

Do something so that people do this and play games and keep you sitting and getting money like these companies.

You cannot survive your life by working such money. I mean by doing this your family will not be able to run your family.

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