Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2023

Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2023 – The most important thing that remains to earn money from a blog is to find the best niche that is profitable.

Today In this post, I share with you some of the best blogging niche ideas on which you work.

So surely your blog will be ranked very quickly, there is very little competition in them.

Best Blogging Niche Ideas

Since if you want to rank a new blog in 2023, the more your blog will be subjected for it, the more the domain authority of your blog will increase.

So today we are going to share this blog, the best blogging niche ideas 2023 will be all micro niches of everyone.

Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2023

1. Coupon Code Website

Coupon code is one of the best blogging niche ideas according to me; here you do not have to create a general coupon code site.

You have to create coupon code site on micro niche, here you have to share a specific type of coupon code.

If you want to share the coupon code of an Ajio, then you can do either of them or if you want to share the adidas, and if you want to share the coupon code to another site, then you can only share the coupon code of the same site.

Along with the coupon code site, you can also open a telegram channel where all the viewers who come to your site can tell them that you can also join my telegram channel.

Because those who are interested in seeing your deals, even when they have to purchase something else in the future, they can take your deal through that telegram channel directly.

If they do not go to Google and search again and again, then what will happen if your viewer is going to buy through you again, then the affiliate commission of that product is also going to be given to you.

2. YouTube thumbnail download tool website

This can also be a best blogging niche idea if you make this tool or get it made by someone.

These are the advantages of this tool website

Once you have written the script, then you have to forget your site.

If you will work in simple tools of this type, where there is not much effort.

If you do not have to invest much time, then surely your website will rank and traffic will also come.

If you make such multiple tools, then a very good asset can be made from where your passive income will continue to come.

You can create tools of this type from both the Blogger and WordPress platforms.

3. Calculator Website

Now this is not a niche, now different topics come here.

You may have also used like, interest calculator, now it also comes in simple interest and compound interest, after that there is income tax calculator, there are many more such calculators.

So if you create this calculator and leave it to SEO, then over time your post will start ranking.

What are the advantages of making a website of this niche?

That you do not need to do much SEO, you just have to focus on your tool.

Once you have created the tool, after that you do not need to do anything, your tool will start working on its own.

There are too many traffic in this calculator niche, the more types of calculators you make, the more you will attract the audience,

The more users will come to your site and the more money they will earn, so this can be a best blogging niche ideas 2023.

4. PC game download Website

If you have a computer or laptop, then you must have also searched for some game like GTA vice city, GTA sanandreas or any other game.

Along with the huge traffic coming to the site of this niche, If you are also interested in games, then this can be a best blogging niche ideas 2023 for you.

So if you create a PC download site and give the right content,

When you share the right content, you will earn a lot of money in the long term. blogging niche ideas 2023.

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5. Quotes Website

You must have seen that when news of a big celebrity’s death comes, then everyone starts putting Instagram WhatsApp status, their shayari starts putting their quotes.

So by making the site of this niche, you can also share this content, when people come to your site then you will also be earning.

The more unique content will be in this idea, the more money you can earn from your website.

What are the advantages of making a website of this niche

If you can give content in the form of images as well as giving content, then you have chances of getting traffic from Google search as well as traffic from Google images.

So if you are also interested in this kind of site and want to share the quotes with people in the form of images in the form of shayari images, then you can earn money by working in this niche. Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

6. WhatsApp and Telegram group joining Website

You have seen many such blogs or you may have searched on your own, the best study WhatsApp group or the best blogging groups or any other group that you have searched for yourself.

By sharing the links of these groups, you can bring traffic to your site and there are many arches.

What are the advantages of making a website of this niche?

Directly, the user who has come through the search of the organic in your site, you get that user from Google.

Also, if you share your own personal groups through your site, then you also have a good user base on WhatsApp where you can promote your time to time.

You can do all the promotions of your facebook page on your instagram sites for free and you can also charge money for promoting others.

This business model is very good if you want to make direct income and also want to earn money from adsense on the side. Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

7. Personal Online store

If you have a digital product or you want to sell a product online, for this you can create your own personal online store on WordPress.

Whatever type of store will be made for this type of store, it will be your entire product.

You will also get a profit on the sale of each product, so the more you sell, the more you will earn through that store.

These are the advantages of creating stores of this type

You do not need to build a physical shop, your expenses are saved.

You are selling online and once you have become a loyal customer, then those customers keep buying your products again and again.

You start having a recurring erection, due to which you become a good asset.

So if you have a product ready, then you can start a building by building a store and earning from there. Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

8. Local Guide Website / app

Now what to do here, you will see that you will find many guides, how to roam in Delhi, how to roam in Manali, how to roam in Shimla, but you can share all the important information of your local area through a blog.

Share the mobile number contact details address of all the local area carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. in your blog, as many people in your district will use your blog as maximum as they will get information about their district.

Everyone will need this type of information at some time, when you need a number, a court number or a government official’s number, and then you don’t get any space for that.

You do not have to work very hard to make a blog of such a niche.

Once your user base is created, then people themselves start sharing your services.Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

9. Earn money online from home

These are the most competitive blogging niche, ever since the corona virus came; one thing has come in people’s mind that they should have a side business.

If the rest of the work stops then we earn extra money by doing other work and earn extra money. For this reason, the craze of having a secondary earning option increased.

People want to know which are the methods by which they can earn an extra and in today’s time people want that they can earn some money sitting at home.

So if you have some ideas on which people can generate an extra earning by sitting at their home, then you can share those ideas in the form of this blog.

And along with sharing these ideas on the blog in the post, you can generate an additional traffic by sharing on YouTube, Instagram and creating an eco system and earning a good amount.

Here, you get earning from google adsense and at the same time you also give money on signing up on companies per download.

So you do not need to depend on adsense only, you can also earn a good amount by these methods. Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

10. Review Websites

You only have to share the review on your site, you can give a section of the community on which people can share their opinion.

The advantages of making a website of this niche are that. Your site will rank on its keywords as well as people’s site will start ranking on keywords.

Now it all depends on you, what do you want to review, do you want to review your own website or do you want to talk about the specification of that site.Best blogging niche ideas 2023.

How long does this site live, what about the content you share depends on you?

100% approval of Google adsense will also be found on this site and if you build this thing well, you can also build a very good brand in sure future.

So this are the top 10 best blogging niche ideas 2023.

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