Apple vs Android: Which is better iphone or android

Apple vs android – When a person buys a smartphone, they do not pay much attention to the safety of the smartphone. People see smartphone apps, easy to use, price and design. But right now there is a lot of personal data of the people in their phones, so that is why the security of the smartphone is most important now.

Apple vs Android

Apple vs Android

IOS vs Android Security?

The safety of the smartphone depends on how the operating system of the smartphone is designed. And different smartphones provide different types of security. The manner in which the operating system is designed and maintained depends on how safe your phone will be.

If you want a secure phone and you want to keep your personal data, then you have only one option iPhone. Below we will give 5 reasons why iPhone is considered more secure than Android.

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1. Apple vs Android Market Share

Market Share plays an important role in Security of Operating System. This is because hackers, and cybercriminals want to attack those things which are very popular and that platform is used a lot. Therefore, Windows is the most attacked operating system in Desktop.

In terms of smartphones, Android has the highest market share in the world – around 85% of mobiles have Android Operating System. Because of this, Android is the biggest target of hackers and criminals in terms of smartphones.

Even if the world’s best security is given in Android (which is not so), it is impossible for GOOGLE and their hardware partners to fight all Virus and stop all Digital Scams. This is what happens when we use a very large and very used platform.

So having a market share is a good thing, but when it comes to security, it is not so good. It is good to have less market share in terms of security.

2. Viruses and Malware

It is true that Android is the biggest target for hackers, so it is no wonder that Android will have the most Virus, Hacks and Malware Attacks.

According to a study, 97% of all Malware Attacks in a smartphone are on Android.

Some Malware also targets the iPhone, but it is less than 1%. And 3% attack happens on Nokia’s Symbian platform. But the trend is that Android is the most targeted.

3. Sandboxing

If you are not a programmer, it may be a little complex but it is very important. Apple and Google design their operating systems differently. And the security system of these two is also quite different. You have to take care of these systems if you are comparing between iPhone or Android.

Apple uses a technique call Sandboxing in its Operating System where each App runs on its own Sandbox. And it does exactly what it needs and no one App with the Operating System interacts with any other App. This means that even if a Virus comes in an app, it does not get out of the Attacks Sandbox and does not cause much damage.

On the other hand, Google’s Android Operating System is made more flexible. This benefits users and developers a lot, but it also makes it easier to attack in this platform.

4. Apple vs Android Apps

Another place where the issue related to security arises, and that is in the AppStores of these two platforms. The phone is safe if Virus does not come in it and there is no attack in it. But what if someone is hidden in Virus or Attack App and you can see it but you are not aware. In these circumstances, you have installed a Security Threat in your phone without knowing it.

Apple vs Android

This can happen on any platform, but it is very unlikely to happen in the iPhone. Because Apple checks all the apps submitted in the Apple App Store and then publishes only after that. That’s why very few malicious apps have been found in Apple AppStore till date.

Google rarely checks the app submitted in Google playstore. If you submit any apps in Google playstore, then it becomes available to the users in a few hours, but it takes up to 2 weeks for the app to be available to the users in the Apple Appstore.

5. Facial Recognition

Both platforms have similar security features. But Android wants to provide any feature first and iPhone is not right but best. The same thing has happened in Facial Recognition.

Apple vs Android

Samsung and Apple both provide the features of Facial Recognition in their phones, so that the phone is unlocked and it is also used in the payment of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

Security researchers showed that Samsung’s system can be broken. Samsung also offers a Disclaimer in the feature of their phones, in which they warn users that Facial Recognition is not as safe as Fingerprint Scanner.

But this system is quite powerful in Apple. Apple recognizes its users even when there is a beard on your face or if you wear glass. Meaning Apple’s Facial Recognition is considered to be much safer than Android.

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Important things about JailBreaking

There is one thing that reduces the security of the iPhone, and that is whether the phone is JailBroken. JailBreaking is a process in which a lot of Restrictions are removed, which Apple gives to its iPhones, after which users can install the apps they want. This gives users a lot of convenience in their phones, but it can increase their problems.

Very few times in the history of iPhone has been hacked or Virus has come very rarely, but all this happens in JailBroken Phones. So if you want to JailBreaking your phone, then keep in mind that this will reduce the security of your phone.

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