Andy Jassy The Next CEO Amazon

Amazon will change the top position at the end of the year. Andy Jassy will replace current CEO Jeff Bezos. Andy Jassy the next CEO Amazon? Who is he? A lot of information about Andy Jassy the next CEO Amazon, is unknown to the general public. According to the internet, Jassy is an American businessman.

Andy Jassy The Next CEO Amazon

As of November 2020, his total assets were valued at 37.7 million. The future owner of Amazon lives in Seattle with the wife of a fashion designer and their two children.

Jassy tour with Amazon began in 1997. He started his career as a marketing manager at the beginning of his career. However, he quickly took charge of the technical side of the company. The work of the Amazon web services department is in his hands. Under his leadership, Amazon Web Services now generates 5 billion in business every year.

Jassy, 53, was a student at Harvard Business School. Coming to Amazon all of a sudden. In one interview, Jassy said, “I had to join Amazon within 3 days of taking the business school final exam. I didn’t even know what I had to do, what position I would be assigned. The test ended on a Friday in May 1997. And I came to Amazon on Monday. I don’t know why Amazon told me to go to work that day. “

About 9 years later, in 2006, Jessie launched Amazon’s web service. With a team of 56 people, he changed the technical style of Amazon. How to buy Amazon technology, cloud computing or how to work, pour everything. The results match quickly. Amazon’s web services gradually began to grow the business.

Jassy thinks restructuring is essential to long-term success. His philosophy is that it is important to reach the beginning of the truth first. But to know the truth, you have to be cruel.

Jassy is a little faceless in private life. Likes to stay away from the light of publicity outside of work. However, there is a hobby of sports. He has partnerships with two international hockey teams. Self-proclaimed music lover too. He is also active in social issues. He has protested on social media about the atrocities committed by the white police on black women, and has repeatedly spoken out against discrimination against homosexuals and transgender people.

Jassy got married a few days after joining Amazon in 1997. Wife Elena Russell Kaplan is a fashion designer by profession. Jesse lives in Seattle with his wife and children. Amazon said on Tuesday that Jesse would take over the top spot in the last quarter of this year.

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