8 Best Online Screenshot Website without Keyboard

If your keyboard is broken, or your keyboard’s Print Screen key is not working, you can still take high-quality Online Screenshot.

So if your Keyboard is broken, or some of the keys of your keyboard are not working and you are not able to take Screenshot.

Online Screenshot

We have a great solution for you to solve this problem. In this you will not even need to replace or repair your keyboard. You have to use all these Internet Tools to capture high-quality website images.

8 Best Online Screenshot Website

1. Screenshot Guru

Its design is very clean. You have to take a online screenshot in this way – Enter the correct URL of the website you want to use, solve the CAPTCHA, and click on the Screen Capture button. This website will generate a high-resolution PNG file for you in just a few seconds.

Along with this website you can take online screenshot of many other things like photo galleries, social media pages, news articles etc. If that thing is present in the Internet and is accessible to the public, then you can take a screenshot of it.

2. Web Capture

Web Capture is another free internet tool from where you can take screenshot online. If you want to take long and vertical screenshots then you must use this website.

You have to enter the URL of the website whose screenshot you want to take and click on the Capture web page button. But this time you can also select your file format. We get the option of ZIP, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, SVG, and PostScript files here. We can also convert HTML files to other formats in this website.

3. Site-Shot

In Site-Shot, we get advanced customization and editing tools so that we can take Perfect Screenshot. Like the rest of the website, you have to enter the URL and click on the Shot button, and in a few seconds you will get the online screenshot. Long WebPages have also been supported in this website.

On the left side of the website, some tools are given, with the help of which you can personalize your browser settings and then remove your final photo. A special feature of Site-Shot is that you can share the image from this website because, here a unique link is generated for you with every image.

4. Online ScreenShot

This is another free online screenshot tool that you can use if your Keyboard is damaged. When you visit this website, then you will see great customization tools. You can also set all these things here- the type of device and operating system you are using, browser type, resolution, and then finalize the file format.

If you need more customization then advanced options are also available for that. To take a screenshot of a webpage, enter the correct URL, and then click on Capture. Now the image will be ready in a few seconds, and you can also select the file format.

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5. Capture Full Page

As we must have come to know after hearing its name, Capture Full Page is best for you if you want to take full-page screenshot. Like the rest of the screenshot internet tools mentioned above, this website is absolutely free and it is very easy to use. Enter the URL in the Query Box, Solve the CAPTCHA, and then click on the Submit Query button, now your online screenshot will be ready.

There are many other features in Capture Full Page so that you will be able to download the best Screenshot. You can also use the integrated image editor to customize your photo.

6. Screenshot.net

We loved this website, and there is a reason for that. You can take a Full Screenshot by entering the URL of a webpage here. Or you can capture a particular area by scrolling the whole website and using its Snipping Tool. If you want to make this process faster, then go ahead and use its scheduler tool to put the screenshots one after the other.

An advantage of Screenshot.net is that it has the option of integrated editing capability. You can edit your screenshot in this website itself and there is no need to export it to your computer for further customization. You can also use offline, and it’s supports all devices.

7. Screenshot Machine

A special advantage of this website is that the option of emulators has been given in it. These emulators produce images that look exactly the same as they look in a real device. If you use Screenshot Machine’s API Tool, then you can choose between two options.

First Small website thumbnail capture where you will get very clean and simple looking photos and second full-page screen capture where you get to see detailed image. Another advantage of this is that no matter how you choose Snapshot, you can easily customize its dimensions.

8. Dunplab

In Dunplab we can take high-quality webpage online screenshot and also here we can capture filmstrip thumbnails. To use this tool, enter the URL of the website of which you want to take a screenshot in the Query box and then click on Capture. Now that website will automatically convert that screenshot to JPEG BASE64, after which you will be able to download it.

If you want to customize the file, then you can access many Imaging Tools of this website. Image editor has been given here for advanced editing, and image color palette has also been given for color harmonization.

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