4 Ways to Hide Photos in Android Phones

4 Ways to Hide Photos in Android Phones – If you have an Android Phone, there are many ways to keep your photos private or hide. But some method is slightly more secure and some method is slightly less safe. For example, someone moves their photos to a different place, so that when they give their phone to a friend or relative, then their friend or relative will not see all those photos. We are going to tell you 4 Ways to Hide Photos in Android Phones.

4 Ways to Hide Photos in Android Phones

4 Ways to Hide Photos in Android Phones

Hide Photos using Google Photos Archive Feature

With the help of Archive Feature, you can move your photos. However, whoever has your phone will be able to see your Archived Photos, and Archived Photos will be visible in our Album and Search Results. This is a fast and easy way to keep your photos private but it is not the safest way.

Warning: If you give your phone to someone else, then they can see any Archived Images of your Google Photos.

Hide your photos follow this procedure:

1. Open Google Photos in your Android Phones.

2. Tap and select one or more images.

3. Tap on the three-vertical-dot menu seen above on the right.

4. Now tap on Move to Archive. After that all your selected images will go to the Archive of Google Photos.

To access the photos of the archive, tap on the library below on the right, and then tap on the archive.

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Additional option to Hide Photos in Android

First of all, you should check in your Android Device whether the method of Secure Images has been given in it. For example, Samsung’s device that has an Android Nougat 7.0 or later OS features the company Secure Folder, and older Android Versions have the option of Private Mode. LG offers Content Lock feature in some of its devices, which can make images and videos private.

Once configured, you will need a PIN, pattern or password to view the photos. This method keeps your photos more private than Google Photos Archive Feature.

Hide Photos using Open Source Third-Party Apps

Professionals who give more importance to their privacy prefer open source applications, because open source code can be reviewed. With this, the programmers are able to review that code so that they know that the program is not doing anything wrong with their photos.

Cover art Simple Gallery Pro – Photo Manager & Editor is an open-source app that works on most Android devices. You can hide your photos in Simple Gallery Pro. Here you can save your hidden items or you can access this app through PIN, pattern or fingerprint. The developer of this app is Simple Mobile Tools and this company provides more other apps like Simple File Manager Pro Apps.

What are other Android Vault Apps?

Vault means that the items you keep there always remain safe. The purpose of Vault Apps is to protect Digital Content. Usually in Vault App, you can select your photos, videos and other files and keep them there and then PIN, pass code, fingerprint is required to access those photos, videos and files. And in some circumstances your photos can also be accessed through face recognition like biometric authentication.

First of all, you have to search for “Vault” in Google Play Store, after which you will get a long list of Vault. If you do not understand which Vault App to download, then you should first see how many downloads are given in the Play Store of all the apps given in the list and how much is the rating of that app. Usually you should look at an app that has many Million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 or more.

Then click on Read More and see the App Details, so that you will know how many days before that App has been updated. Download the app which has been updated one or more times within the last 90 days and do not download that app at all, which the app has not updated for the last 1 year.

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